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Lincoln electrifying its fleet by 2030; first full EV to debut next year for company’s 100th anniversary

Lincoln celebrates its 100 year anniversary next year, and to help celebrate that momentous occasion, the company is making several significant leaps forward to ensure the sustainability of the company for 100 more years.

By 2030, a year you hear a lot about, Lincoln plans to have its entire portfolio electrified. That doesn’t mean an all-EV lineup, but rather every vehicle in the lineup will be a PHEV or EV.

Additionally, there are several unique nameplate EVs coming from the brand, with the first dropping next year. These unique nameplate EVs will ride on a new dedicated platform. These EVs will not be using the platform that the Ford Mustang Mach-E currently rides on.

Additionally, this new EV is not the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept that debuted at Auto Shanghai earlier this year.

“As we accelerate Lincoln’s transformation in North America and China, there is no better time to propel the Lincoln brand forward with electrification,” said Joy Falotico, president, Lincoln. “Electrification will take Quiet Flight to a new level with the smooth, exhilarating takeoff feel and serene quietness our clients expect from a Lincoln.”

An updated Lincoln Way app provides a litany of connected services, and allows EV drivers to access the Lincoln charging network. The Lincoln Charging network features Electrify America integration, though the company told reporters that it’s similar to how the FordPass network currently works.

That means the Lincoln app can handle the charging controls for each station and also process billing. Presumably these upcoming Lincoln EVs will also support Plug&Charge for seamless plugging in and billing.

The full EV coming next year will join the PHEV Aviator already on sale and the PHEV Corsair.

Updated Lincoln infotainment systems will feature always-connected modems and over-the-air updates. Built with the Lincoln Intelligence System back end, cars can be updated with better battery profiles, updated infotainment software, and upgraded system component function without having to change hardware.

Lincoln will also soon offer ActiveGlide, which is the company’s hands-off SAE level 2 semi-autonomous driving assist system. Like Cadillac’s Super Cruise and Ford’s upcoming BlueCruise system, ActiveGlide can handling steering, accelerating, and braking duties on routes that have been properly mapped. Cameras monitor whether or not the driver is paying attention, or if they’ve climbed into the back seat to take a nap.

Lincoln is building Vitrine dealerships, designed to cater specifically to the Lincoln clients, in the top 130 luxury markets. Buyers can go to there to order their vehicles, or they can order online through a fully-connected app experience.

The brand is also piloting a mobile fuel and vehicle spa subscription-based service in Houston. Clients can request someone swing by and wash their car on demand, and they can also have fuel brought to them so they don’t have to stop at a gas station.

While currently a pilot, Lincoln says customer feedback has been quite positive. It would be interesting to see if the service could also add EV charging to the services list. Being able to get a charge when there is no charger available would be a real slam dunk for a mobile service company.

We’re excited to check out the first BEV from Lincoln. Considering that it’s not based not the Mach-E, there is a real opportunity to have a unique driving experience that is exclusive to the Lincoln nameplate.

We’ll keep you all in the loop and the launch date draws near.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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