The best tow and recovery straps

We recently took the Ford F-150 Lightning on a towing range and recharge test, which inspired us to share our recommendations for the best tow and recovery straps. While in our particular case we needed tie down straps to keep the Model 3 secure on the trailer, there are a few EVs that are fully […]

by Jason Siu
The best radar detectors for your EV

While we don’t condone speeding, we’re realistic and acknowledge that drivers tend to exceed speed limits. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s difficult to stay underneath the speed limit when you’re behind the wheel of an EV. So while we’re not here to support anyone’s tendency to break the law, there is a reason why […]

by Jason Siu
The best car refrigerators or 12v coolers to take on your road trip

Whether you’re going camping, taking a road trip, or just need some place cool to store your groceries, portable car refrigerators are relatively affordable and extremely handy to keep in your EV. Maybe you own a Tesla and want to take advantage of its Camp Mode feature, putting down the back seats, setting up a […]

by Jason Siu
The best car vacuums keep your EV’s interior clean

We’ve done our fair share of product recommendations to help you keep the exterior of your car shining like new, but what about your interior? After all, it is where you spend nearly all of your time with your car. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, eventually your interior is going to get dirty […]

by Jason Siu
The best spray waxes to keep your EV shining like new

Keeping your car looking like new takes work. You have to get in the habit of routinely washing your car, possibly weekly depending on where you live and how much you drive. Every couple months, you should be spending some time giving it a fresh coat of wax after a thorough wash. If the finish […]

by Jason Siu
The best Amazon Prime Day deals for EV owners

It’s a bit early to do your Holiday shopping, but if you’re looking to save some money on accessories for your EV this summer, Amazon Prime Day is a good time to do it. Each year, the online retail giant hosts its own shopping event with hundreds of thousands of products going on sale. Most […]

by Jason Siu
The best car seat covers to protect your EV’s interior

We understand not everyone is a fan of car seat covers. But the truth is, cars aren’t cheap, especially not electrified ones. Depending on how you’re using your vehicle on a daily basis, your seats might be enduring a lot of wear and tear. Cracks, rips, or tears in your seats are truly an eyesore […]

by Jason Siu
The best car seat organizers

It doesn’t matter if you use your car for road trips or for daily commuting to and from work, it’ll eventually get messy. Just like we need cabinets at home to organize our stuff, we recommend getting yourself a car seat organizer to keep your interior tidy. Car seat organizers are especially handy if you […]

by Jason Siu
The best DIY windshield repair kits

Got a pesky, annoying rock chip on your windshield? Before you go and schedule an appointment with your local windshield repair shop, you may want to consider a do-it-yourself (DIY) windshield repair kit. These products are relatively inexpensive (you might spend more on lunch) and sometimes they have surprising results. I say sometimes, because DIY […]

by Jason Siu
The best car covers to keep your EV protected

Chances are, your electric vehicle wasn’t exactly cheap. For many, owning an EV is a long-term investment and if you take good care of it, it’ll last you for many long years. Now, unlike a traditional ICE-powered car, you don’t need to worry too much about routine maintenance with your EV. That means your to-do […]

by Jason Siu