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What's new with electric?


Survey says Ford F-150 Lightning the top electric truck
By: Craig Cole

What’s the most popular electric truck? According to, a company that helps drivers buy and sell vehicles, it’s the F-150 Lightning. This is the second year in a row Ford’s battery-powered pickup topped the organization’s annual EV Truck Survey. There aren’t that many all-electric pickups available today, but even when future offerings are factored […]

Amazon driver gives an up-close look at the new Rivian EDV all-electric delivery van
By: Craig Cole

With relatively short routes and the ability to recharge at depots every night, electrification is ideal for commercial fleet operators and delivery companies. This is why offerings like the BrightDrop Zevo 600 and Ford E-Transit have been introduced. Another all-electric van of note is the Rivian EDV, which the automaker builds for goliath online retailer […]

New Abarth 500e is the electric hot hatch we all want
By: Jason Siu

While the BEV offerings in the U.S. are growing, the market is mostly dominated by crossovers and SUVs. Those shopping for something sportier with just two doors have very little options. Now that the Fiat 500e is returning in 2024, our attention turns to the hotter Abarth variant that has just made its debut. As […]

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