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What's new with electric?


Polestar 3 teased again wearing pixel-like camouflage
By: Stefan Ogbac

The 2023 Polestar 3, Polestar’s first crossover, has been teased once again and we finally get to see some of its exterior design details. Right away, you’ll notice the new take on the Thor’s Hammer LED headlights, which now go up the hood of the car. Like it the Precept show vehicle, they’re thinner and […]

Lexus RZ teased as the brand’s next electrified model
By: Stefan Ogbac

Lexus has finally announced that its next electrified vehicle will be called the RZ. Toyota’s luxury division released a teaser video and several sketches of the production vehicle ahead of its official reveal. From what we can tell, the Lexus RZ is a compact crossover similar in size to the new NX, and most of […]

Nissan and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency show off lunar rover with e-4orce AWD
By: Stefan Ogbac

Nissan and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have revealed a new lunar rover prototype. What’s so special about this one? It uses technology taken from Nissan’s road cars, the most prominent one being the new e-4orce AWD system in the Ariya, which is said to help the lunar rover perform better on tricky terrain. This […]

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