Tesla is the most vulnerable it has been in a long time

There were times in the history of Tesla as an auto manufacturer that the company was in trouble. Getting a Model 3 out the door was a much bigger challenge than the company expected, and even the CEO said it was near bankruptcy. But lately, times are again dark. Not because building cars is hard […]

by Chad Kirchner
The truth about electric truck towing

If you have an interest at all in electric pickup trucks, you’re probably concerned with how far you can tow with one. Whether you’re just hauling a set of side-by-sides to your summer cabin twice a year, or regularly hauling around lawn care equipment — or anything in between — it’s a question you likely […]

by Chad Kirchner
That new gas powered, V8 Mustang with a manual transmission? You can thank the Mach-E for that

The upcoming Detroit Auto Show isn’t going to set the world on fire, but there is a product that is going to debut there that enthusiasts will appreciate. The next generation, gasoline-powered, manual-equipped Ford Mustang coupe is set to bow in a few weeks. Why? Because the Mustang Mach-E. It’s amazing to me that we’re […]

by Chad Kirchner
What will replace the Dodge Charger and Challenger at Brampton?

We’re in the midst of a weeklong event called Dodge Speed Week, where the company is spending 3 nights to talk about the current status of Dodge, where it’ll be in the near future, and where it’s heading in the long-term future. We had an opportunity to attend a briefing about the event, and learned […]

by Chad Kirchner
How much would Tesla charge non-Tesla drivers to Supercharge?

As part of the massive infrastructure bill passed by the Biden administration, a ton of money was set aside to help grow out the EV fast charging network across the country. To gain access to that money, charging stations can’t be proprietary to one particular make or model. Obviously Tesla would want access to that […]

by Chad Kirchner
Google, please fix your account issues before more cars get Android Automotive

If you’re like me, you have a Google account for most of your day-to-day life. You might even have a Google Apps for Business account, which allows you to have a custom domain name among other things. I don’t have multiple users, but I wanted a reasonably affordable custom domain suite of options. Google is […]

by Chad Kirchner
Buc-ee’s needs to get in on EV charging

Recently, a Wall Street Journal article highlighted some of the challenges that still exist with fast charging an electric vehicle on a road trip. While some of the issues encountered are based on the car the author took — a Kia EV6 which doesn’t have dynamic trip planning based on available fast chargers — it […]

by Chad Kirchner
Ford Pro is leading the way in helping save the power grid

Electric companies aren’t known to be the best companies when it comes to public perception. When the power goes out, you realize how fragile the grid actually is. There have been some big grid issues in the news recently, including a failure in Texas during an ice storm, and an equipment failure that caused a […]

by Chad Kirchner
Reminder: You don’t have to pay $145,309 for a new F-150 Lightning

In the United States, prices quoted by the manufacturer are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. That “suggested” part is key, and how franchised dealerships can charge whatever they want for a new car, regardless of what the brand would like them to sell it at. On a hot new product, especially one that has 200,000 preorders […]

by Chad Kirchner
Don’t lose focus: Home charging still matters WAY more than fast charging for EV owners

DC fast charging needs to improve. There’s enough articles on the internet and enough experiences from people who drive EVs to know that it needs to be better. But we also shouldn’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. Electrify America is working on improving its charging experience. That is all well and good, […]

by Chad Kirchner