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Electrify America’s Plug&Charge tech strikes at the heart of Tesla’s Supercharger simplicity

Using a Tesla Supercharger is a seamless process. Simply connect the car to the charging cable, and as long as there is a credit card associated with the owner’s Tesla account, the car will start charging and the card will be billed appropriately.

Up until now, Tesla was the only one who could provide that ease of use. Now, Electrify America is deploying a solution that can work at their stations on properly-equipped cars.

Called Plug&Charge, owners of a compatible car simply need to plug their car into a charging station and everything else is handled.

The 2021 versions of the Porsche Taycan, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Lucid Air will support this functionality.

“We are investing in customer-focused technologies like Plug&Charge to make the charging experience easier than filling up at a gas pump,” said Cliff Fietzek, senior director of technology at Electrify America.

What makes this work is support of the ISO 15118 standard, which creates a secured encrypted connection between the car and the charging station. It operates over the CCS charging connector.

We look forward to exploring this more when we get to spend more time with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Check back on December 15 for our first drive review of that car, and cover more details about Ford’s implementation of the Electrify America Plug&Charge system.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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