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This Tesla driver needs to have his driver’s license revoked and he should be in prison

Every week, without fail, I come across a video on YouTube or on TikTok of someone setting Autopilot on their Tesla and climbing into the back seat. Sometimes it’s “just to relax” while other times it is to “sleep.” If you do this, you are a moron and you are unnecessarily putting your life at risk.

This video, shared by Ed Niedermeyer on Twitter, shows the driver preparing to take a road trip where he will sleep in the back of the car while it’s driving.

He then proceeds to do just that. With a device attached to the steering wheel so the car thinks someone is touching the wheel, he reclines his seat back, slithers out of his attached seat belt, and climbs in the back of the car.

This is dangerous. This is illegal. This is moronic.

This driver needs to have his license permanently revoked as he is a menace to the rest of us on the road.

Until police start arresting these individuals and making an example out of their stupidity, this will continue. Since Tesla refuses to adopt active driver monitoring to prevent people from doing this, this will continue.

How many people need to die before action is taken to prevent this stupidity?

Written by Chad Kirchner
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