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Cadillac announces monthly fee for Super Cruise after free trial period

If you have a Cadillac equipped with Super Cruise, you’re actually on a free trial period of the service. After three years, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee in order to keep using the service.

That cost? Twenty-five dollars per month.

According to our pals at Roadshow, drivers will be able to pay for the service separately or as part of one of the OnStar connected services plans. A Cadillac spokesperson told Roadshow that for those bundling with OnStar, “select OnStar and Connected Services bundles for an additional $15 per month.”

Presumably this fee is support the continuous mapping functionality that GM needs to keep up to date for the system to work properly. Early adopters of Super Cruise get another year free and anyone else gets 3 years for free.

If the owner doesn’t activate a subscription after the trial expires, the car retains lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control. However, the hands-off assist goes away.

As more vehicles roll out with this functionality, this could add a solid continuous revenue stream for the brand.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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