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Hyundai XCIENT fuel cell truck gets upgraded performance, new look

Hyundai has released photos of its updated XCIENT hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty vehicle. The most prominent change is a revised chrome grille, which now has a V shape and a silver mesh pattern. Blue exterior accents have also been added to denote the XCIENT’s eco-friendly nature and fuel cell powertrain.

Powering the Hyundai XCIENT is a 180-kW hydrogen fuel cell system. Two 90-kW stacks have been modified specifically for this truck. Other revisions include improved durability and efficiency to further keep costs down. Hyundai, however, doesn’t say how big the improvement is versus the current truck. Turning the wheels is a 350-kW (469 hp) electric motor with 1,650 lb-ft of torque. Seven hydrogen fuel tanks allow for 31 kg of fuel. Three 72-kWh lithium-ion batteries act as backup power sources and a buffer between the electric motor and the hydrogen fuel cell stack. The total range with a full tank is 400 km or 248 miles.

Hyundai plans to expand the availability of the XCIENT to other markets including the Americas and China. Production is set to start in August and will be available in a 6×2 configuration. Europe has already received the XCIENT with 46 in service in Switzerland and another 140 units slated to go there. In total, Hyundai plans to roll out another 1,600 fuel cell trucks in Europe through 2025. Hyundai Hydrogen mobility, a joint venture between Hyundai and H2 Energy, is planning to introduce the XCIENT to other European countries.

The North American market is slated to get the Hyundai XCIENT this year. Hyundai is currently in talks with local governments and businesses in the U.S. to potentially start joint operations of fuel cell trucks for varying types of missions. The company is also planning to host a roadshow across the U.S. to showcase the XCIENT.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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