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Volta Trucks accelerates electrification rollout to include 4 electric commercial vehicles by 2025

Volta Trucks is already working on a zero emissions strategy, but the truck maker has accelerated that plan to make some pretty significant changes by 2025.

To start things off, Volta is planning four fully-electric commercial vehicles by the year 2025. That’s three more than what it’s currently working on — the Volta Zero — and will vary in capacity from 7.5 metric tons to 19 metric tons.

The Volta Zero sits in the 16 metric ton category, with initial vehicles being delivered by the end of the year. Series product will begin toward the end of next year.

In 2023, the 19 metric ton and 16 metric ton vehicles will follow. A pilot version of the smaller 7.5 metric ton vehicle will also debut that year.

In addition to usability and efficiency, Volta Trucks is focused on best-in-class vehicle safety.

Volta Trucks Announces Strategy Update By 2025 4 Vehicles and 27000 Vehicle Sales
Photo credit: Volta Trucks

Volta is expected to have a sales volume in excess of 27,000 units by the year 2025. Production will occur in the markets core to Volta’s long term strategy and growth plans.

Volta Trucks is hitting the Europeans hard in the beginning, focusing on a European city-specific launch strategy. As one of the regions with some of the quickest adoption of new emissions regulations, it makes the most sense. Expect this to include big European cities that aren’t just London and Paris.

Volta isn’t staying in Europe, though, and the company has plans to expand both into North America and China following its European rollout.

Volta will have some competition when it does get to North America, with GM’s BrightDrop making a big play, and the usual commercial vehicle makers like Daimler bringing electric offerings to this side of the pond.

2025 is an aggressive timeline, considering it’s already nearly mid-2021, but the world is rapidly changing and commercial trucks are where we expect to see these changes adopted the quickest.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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