Black Friday 2023: The best time to buy a level 2 home charger is right now

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and that means there are some of the best deals happening at many of your favorite retail outlets. If you have an EV, or are looking to buy one, you might be using this opportunity to pick up some important accessories to improve your ownership experience.

One of the most essential accessories to pick up is a level 2 home charger. We have a few featured here worth taking a look at.

Level 2 EVSE home chargers

We are firm believers that you’ll have a significantly better EV ownership experience if you have a dedicated home charger. We have a dedicated review of all the top models, and our overall favorite also happens to be on sale.

JuiceBox 40

enel x juicebox 40
Photo credit: Jason Siu / EV Pulse

The Enel X JuiceBox 40 is a go-to unit for many homes and businesses, and is one of the most established brands in the business. The charger supports Wi-Fi so you can set up charging schedules from your phone and track status. It also has a nice, long cable and comes with the holster built-in to help keep your cables tidy.

You can get it for 20% off for Black Friday on Amazon, making it a solid deal at $449. You also don’t need to hardwire this unit, making it more portable if you ever move.

Check it out right here.

Emporia EV Charger

emporia home ev charger hands on review
Photo credit: Jason Siu / EV Pulse

Our favorite budget EV charger is from Emporia, and it’s $399 on their website. “But that’s the standard MSRP,” we hear you exclaim.

True. But if you use our link below you can get an additional 5% off, making the excellent value even more excellent-er.

It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, has a solid cable, and can either be hardwired or plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

Check it out and get the discount by clicking here.

What if I need an expensive panel upgrade?

Some older homes might need a panel upgrade to support these high-powered chargers. But you don’t need to do that and still get a convenient home charger.

Going back to Emporia, they sell their EV home charger with an optional accessory for load management. This extra monitoring hardware is installed when you install the charger, and it keeps track on your entire home’s energy usage.

It learns when you do things like doing laundry or using the microwave. It also monitors that usage in real time. If you are using something that requires a ton of electricity, it’ll slow the charging speed of the charger plugged into your EV.

If everything is in the clear, it’ll send maximum p0wer to your vehicle. In addition, Emporia claims that users who have the monitoring hardware installed save 10% or more each month on their electricity bill.

For a MSRP of $599, you can get the charger and the load management hardware. So basically for the same price as someone else’s charger, you can get both.

Plus, we have the discount of 5% right now, making it even better of a deal.

If you don’t need it, the non-load-managed chargers are better deals, but if you need an expensive panel upgrade this last option will save you thousands.

Check out the Emporia charger with load management and get the discount by clicking here.

Autel Level 2 EV Charger

61Ys Dxiy3L AC SL1500
Photo credit: Autel

As an honorable mention, the Autel Level 2 EV charger is 23% off on Amazon with a price of $398.30 at the time of this writing. We haven’t had a chance to independently test this charger yet, but it appears to be reviewed well and we have several colleagues who are using this charger without issue.

Check it out by clicking here.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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