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The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is a 2024 EV Pulse Editor’s Choice

The Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, even in its entry-level trim, has set a new standard in the EV market. Combining the traditional strengths of the iconic F-150 series with advanced electric technology, the Lightning Pro offers a compelling mix of power and functionality. The vehicle is equipped with an independent rear suspension and a spacious front trunk, enhancing both its performance and utility.

“Even in entry-level Pro trim, the F-150 Lightning is one of the most impressive EVs we’ve tested,” noted Craig Cole, EV Pulse senior editor. “This battery-powered pickup builds on the all-around excellence of the conventional F-150 while offering a range of unique features. The Lightning is also comfortable enough for family duty, can tow and haul with ease and feels as solid as bedrock. Sure, we’d like a bit more range and quicker DC fast charging performance would be nice, but as it is, there’s much to love about the Lightning.”

The Lightning Pro boasts a range of approximately 240 miles with the standard range battery, and up to 320 miles with the extended range battery on certain models. The vehicle also impresses with its acceleration. Additionally, the F-150 Lightning offers a large and versatile frunk (front trunk), adding to its practicality.

The Lightning was the first mass-market EV pickup to market, and its outselling all of its mainstream rivals.

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Written by Chad Kirchner
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