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Rivian shows off the R1T’s flexibility and utility in latest update

Rivian has revealed more details on its R1T pickup and it looks like it’ll be cleverly packaged with lots of nifty cargo and storage solutions. In terms of size, the R1T lands clearly in the mid-size truck segment since its exterior dimensions are similar to the Honda Ridgeline. However, the Rivian R1T is longer, wider, and taller.

The Rivian R1T’s packaging is one of its highlights. Since it’s a battery-electric vehicle, the truck’s battery is under the passenger compartment and the electric motors don’t take up much space. As a result, the R1T has a front trunk or “frunk” measuring 11 cubic feet with a cargo net and 12-volt outlet. The gear tunnel mounted just ahead of the rear axle allows you to put items up to 65 inches long, 18.1 inches wide, and 20.3 inches tall.

The bed is also highly flexible at 54 inches with the tailgate up or 3.6 inches with the tailgate down. Two 110-volt outlets, cargo hooks, and a lockable 29-cubic foot in-bed trunk give the R1T more flexibility. The lockable tonneau cover is also power-operated and can retract using an app or a button in the bed rail and inside the vehicle. There’s also a manual four-piece tonneau cover that can be stored in the gear tunnel. Rivian also includes a built-in air compressor mounted in the bed so you can easily inflate tires or inflatable toys.

When properly equipped, the Rivian R1T can tow up to 11,000 pounds. The truck’s air suspension keeps it leveled when towing. A standard two-inch class V receiver allows it to haul 1,155 pounds of tongue weight. The tow hitch is also covered to improve the truck’s aerodynamics.

Later on, Rivian will give us an overview of the R1T’s interior, which should be similar to the R1S SUV.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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