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REE Automotive’s innovative P7-C chassis cab clears government hurdles, starts heading to dealers

On Thursday, REE Automotive announced an important milestone. Customers have started receiving the company’s all-electric, fully controlled-by-wire P7-C chassis cab platform. This innovative vehicle has completed EPA certification and is compliant with relevant Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

In a media release shared by the company, Richard Colley, REE Automotive’s vice president of government and regulatory affairs said, “Achieving this certification milestone is a testament to REE’s dedicated team and our determination to bring this technology to market safely.” He also noted that state and federal incentives will help accelerate the electrification of commercial vehicle fleets in the U.S.

REE Automotive’s P7-C platform features ingenious corner modules that house all important vehicle systems in one easy-to-service, easy-to-replace unit. Electric motors, brakes, suspension, steering components, sensors and more are all contained in one assembly. Steering, braking and accelerating is all controlled electronically, meaning there’s no physical connection between the steering wheel or pedals and the wheels, a design that helps improve interior space.

REE Automotive P7 C Chassis Cab 03
The P7-C is one of the most innovative vehicles to debut in years. Photo credit: REE Automotive

P7-C demonstrator vehicles have been dispatched to multiple fleet companies in North America, delivered through the automaker’s dealer network. Pritchard EV was the first to receive a vehicle for testing, which it will show off to various fleet customers. In the coming weeks, additional demonstrator units will find their way to REE-authorized dealers, so more people can experience this vehicle.

“I am incredibly proud of team REE for completing certification of the automotive industry’s first ever fully x-by-wire vehicle. Our customers have been eagerly waiting for our vehicles to be ready to deliver and now our first demo trucks are on their way to dealerships for customer evaluations,” said Daniel Barel, CEO and co-founder of REE Automotive in a media release. “I believe our REEcorner is a true gamechanger, allowing us to build electric trucks that fleets will want to buy, and drivers will love to drive as we continue to see a strong demand for our work trucks,” he noted.

REE Automotive P7 C Chassis Cab 02
REE’s unique corner modules make service easier and provide more interior space. Photo credit: REE Automotive

Customers that may be leery of adopting such a radically different vehicle design shouldn’t necessarily worry. The P7-C is eligible for a tax credit from the IRS for up to $40,000 per unit. Additionally, potential state and local incentives could boost that figure to $100,000 or more, a gargantuan savings.

Written by Craig Cole

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