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Polestar makes waves, drivetrain tech to power high-end Candela C-8 boat

Water and electricity don’t mix. In most cases you should probably avoid running extension cords around the perimeter of your in-ground pool or using a space heater near the bathtub. But on rear occasions water and electricity can make a great combo, as Candela clearly demonstrates.

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On Tuesday, the Swedish maker of electric boats announced its new C-8 Powered by Polestar watercraft that is, as the name suggests, indeed motivated by hardware provided by Polestar. The two firms announced a partnership back in August and this should be the first fruit of their unusual relationship.

Polestar 2 Candela C 8 Boat 01
At speed, the Candela C-8 seems to float above the water. Photo credit: Polestar

Candela Technology was founded in 2014 by engineer Gustav Hasselskog. The company’s first watercraft, the C-7, was introduced in 2019 and offers a range of 50 nautical miles (56 miles) at 20 knots (23 mph). Candela’s larger, higher-volume, eight-passenger C-8 debuted in 2022. With more than 150 examples sold, it should be the best-selling premium electric boat of all time.

The C-8 hydrofoil features the 69-kilowatt-hour battery pack and associated charging hardware borrowed from the suave and sophisticated Polestar 2 Single Motor model. In this application, that energy reservoir is estimated to provide a range of 57 nautical miles on a single charge, about 66 statue miles. That performance is achieved at a cruising speed of 22 knots, roughly 25 mph, which is a pretty good clip on water. The company estimates the C-8’s range is two to three times longer than what you get from conventional electric speedboats.

Polestar 2 Candela C 8 Boat 03
This is where the magic happens. Computer-guided hydrofoils lift the C8’s hull right out of the water. Photo credit: Polestar

Helping reduce energy consumption, which Candela claims is 80% less than traditional boats, this craft is fitted with a direct-drive pod motor. While underway, the hull is lifted clear out of the water by computer-guided hydrofoils. This makes it look like the boat is flying a foot or so above the surface, which is quite remarkable, and likely also provides a buttery-smooth ride.

When it’s time to replenish that sizable battery pack, the C-8 should be able to DC fast charge at the same rate as a Polestar 2, which tops out around 155 kilowatts. It’s hard enough finding reliable fast chargers near major highways, along waterways they’ve got to be as rare as wrecked treasure galleons. If you buy a C-8, you’ll probably want to install a Level 2 charger on you dock or in your boathouse.

Polestar 2 Candela C 8 Boat 02
This highly efficient watercraft is not cheap. Photo credit: Polestar

Regrettably, the C-8 Powered by Polestar is not cheap, like, not at all. In fact, you better hope to discover buried treasure because this stylish and efficient electric boat starts at around $395,000 for the Daycruiser model. You can also get a version with a T-top for $409,500 and there’s a hardtop variant, too, which happens to kick off at $412,700. Like custom ordering a Porsche, there’s a laundry list of options and they all add significantly to the bottom line.

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The sleek, stylish and undoubtedly luxurious Candela C-8 Powered by Polestar is available for ordering right now, so have your American Express handy. Going forward, all versions of this premium watercraft will be fitted with Polestar hardware.

Written by Craig Cole

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