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Musk: “Tesla ‘FSD’ price rising to $12k on Jan. 17”

Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” software suite is controversial at best. It’s a Level 2 ADAS system that promised to be fully autonomous in the future, based on the hardware currently in the car.

While paying a few grand for the promise of something in the future, the price continued to rise for the software. Keep in mind, the software comes with a few features, like Enhanced Autopilot, that you can use today, but most of the money is going toward a feature that simply doesn’t exist.

When the price went to $10,000, we actually called it a scam. Technology traditionally gets less expensive and more powerful over time, so the price going up consistently seems dubious at best.

We spent some time with the ‘FSD’ Beta software recently, and while we can see some promise in it, it’s ultimately not ready for mass adoption.

Because of all of this, it’s a bit odd that the price would go up again, when things haven’t changed. But that hasn’t stopped CEO Elon Musk from doing just that.

That’s $12,000 for something that doesn’t currently exist. That seems like… a lot.

Because Tesla no longer maintains a press office in the United States, we don’t have anyone to reach out to for clarification on this, and also if there’ll be any change to the subscription pricing that currently exists.

‘FSD’ is also something you can’t take with you from car to car. If you replace your Tesla with a new one, you have to pay for it all over again.

If you are planning on getting a Tesla and want to option the ‘FSD’ package, be sure to do it before Jan. 17, or you’ll have to pay $2,000 more.

Updated (6:26 p.m. EST, 01/07/2022): Elon Musk updated that it was just for the United States with a follow-up tweet.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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