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Tesla Model 3 gains parts from Model Y, sees improved range

If you were waiting for some of the changes from the Tesla Model Y to make its way to the Model 3, your wait is over. Available to order now with a 5 to 9 week delivery window is the new Tesla Model 3.

Some of the changes you’ll notice is the replacement of the chrome trim around the windows with black trim. Performance models now have the Überturbine wheels from the Model Y. Inside, the USB ports all support Type C connectors.

Less noticeable is the power operated trunk and auto-dimming exterior mirrors that have returned after taking a year off. The heating system now also incorporates the heat pump from the Model Y, which should improved winter driving range significantly.

The $37,990 before delivery Standard Range Plus is now rated at 263 miles of range. The $46,990 before delivery Long Range is now rated at 353 miles of total range. The Performance variant, which starts at $54,990 before delivery has 315 miles of range and the 0-60 mph time drops to 3.1 seconds.

A white interior is still a $1,000 option, and the sport wheels are also a $1,500 option on Long Range and Standard Range Plus models. White remains the only free color.

The Full Self Driving upgrade, which isn’t full self driving, will set you back $8,000.

You can order now for a $100 non-refundable deposit.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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