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Lincoln Star Concept previews the brand’s electrified future

In celebration of its centennial, Lincoln showed off a concept car that previews the brand’s next evolution. Called the Lincoln Star Concept, this aerodynamic crossover is a design study that gives us a glimpse of what the next as the brand transitions to full electrification. The exterior lighting, for example, creates a new welcome sequence when you approach the vehicle. Details like the illuminated Lincoln logo create a jewel-like effect.

Built on a new platform specifically for battery-electric vehicles, the Lincoln Star Concept explores the endless possibilities for designers and engineers. This one, however, focuses on re-imagining the premium experience for occupants. Both rows of seats feature a wrap-around design while the back features a reclined lounge setup and individual leg rests with a storage bin underneath. There’s even a chiller between the two rear seats. To enhance that feeling of spaciousness, the interior makes extensive use of 3D-printed metal latticework on the A-pillar around the windshield and the D-pillar, both of which are transparent. On the dash sits a curved display spanning the width of the interior for seamless content flow that also flows into the second-row screens.

As with most new battery-electric concepts, the Star uses leather and chrome alternatives as a way to change consumer perception of luxury. Additionally, it adds three new rejuvenation moods as part of the Lincoln Embrace sequence that blends audio, scenting, and lighting throughout the cabin that’s built with the body’s circadian rhythm in mind. Coastal Morning, the first theme, is gentle and is meant to wake you up with soft aromas and gentle sounds. Mindful Vitality aims to re-energize you with upbeat tunes, a flowery fragrance, and lots of glowing lights. Finally, Evening Chill calms you down with a woodsy fragrance and a night sky video complementing the relaxing soundtrack for that full ASMR moment.

The Star Concept highlights how the extra space opened up by the lack of an internal combustion engine can be used. Its frunk for example slides out like a drawer and has an electro-chromatic glass top that changes opacity to let more light into the cabin or hide your belongings. Even the rear cargo area doubles as a tailgate area because the split tailgate’s lower portion doubles as a lounge chair.

Although this is a design study, the Lincoln Star Concept informs the direction of the brand as it pivots toward full electrification. By 2026, there will be four BEVs in Lincoln’s portfolio with the first three arriving by 2025. Lincoln also expects more than half of its global volume to consist of all-electric vehicles by the middle of this decade. The first of those will likely be the production version of the Star Concept. It intends to evolve its Quiet Flight philosophy for the electrified future, focusing on enhancing the passenger experience and comfort as its distinguishing element in the luxury space.

Currently, Lincoln sells two plug-in hybrids in the U.S., the Aviator Grand Touring and Corsair Grand Touring. Both SUVs offer AWD and can drive in all-electric mode for over 20 miles. These will likely be among the first vehicles in the Lincoln brand to transition to full electrification with the Corsair likely leading the charge since it’s the volume product with the Star Concept serving as the first glimpse of it.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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