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Genesis will launch only battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles from 2025

Genesis has announced that it will launch only electrified vehicles starting in 2025. It will focus specifically on battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains with higher outputs and electrical systems that improve overall efficiency. The brand will also improve its battery technology to draw better performance and efficiency out of them. In total, Genesis will release eight new dedicated electrified vehicles with the first being the GV60 it showed off recently. It also plans to sell 400,000 units of EVs per year on a global scale.

By 2030, Genesis will have a fully electrified lineup of zero-emissions vehicles. The brand is also aiming to be carbon neutral by 2035, the first member of the Hyundai Motor Group to make such a commitment. To do this, Genesis will revamp its entire value chain starting with the raw materials, vehicles, and parts before extending to the worksites and production facilities.

The current Genesis brand styling will evolve further as the brand expands on its two lines theme. It is also currently exploring new design concepts like coach-style or suicide doors without a B-pillar, a new type of climate control system inspired by the traditional Korean Ondol floor heating, rotating swivel seats, and a new audio system that emphasizes surround sound capability. Based on the teaser shot of the eight cars in the shadow, the quad headlights will be connected to two LED light strips on the front fenders on future Genesis vehicles.

“Our new electric lineup is the perfect platform to increase our interface with our customers,” said Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer at Genesis. “We aim to interact with all their senses. Our new architecture will integrate audacious technologies with breathtaking designs while providing sincere detail-oriented experiences. Warm and exquisite care will be our differentiator.”

As the first Genesis vehicle on Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform, the GV60 launches the brand’s electrification offensive with an entry into the most competitive space: the compact crossover segment. Although Genesis launched the Electrified G80 first, the GV60 is the first dedicated EV in the lineup. Following that will be the Electrified GV70, which is scheduled to debut next year.

Of the eight vehicles teased, Genesis appears to have a full range of cars and crossovers in its all-electric lineup. Right in the middle is the production version of the Genesis X Concept, which was the next evolution of the Essentia Concept from a few years back. A flagship sedan appears to be on the very left while a compact, likely the next-generation G70, is right next to the flagship sports car. Genesis also appears to have a second coupe-like crossover, which is to the right of the GV60. You have two larger utility vehicles with the two to the very right looking like an all-electric version of the GV80 and the upcoming GV90 crossover.

Genesis hasn’t distinguished which models are going to use the E-GMP platform, which appears to be underpinning a broad range of battery-electric vehicles under the Hyundai Motor Group umbrella. The Electrified G80 and the upcoming Electrified GV70 will utilize the same RWD architecture as their internal combustion counterparts, which can also accommodate hybrid, fuel cell, and battery-electric powertrains. Likely, the next generation G90 and the upcoming GV90 will also use the long-wheelbase version of the same platform in the G80 and GV80.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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