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These EVs top’s American Made Index for 2023

Every year, our friends over at release a list of vehicles that are the most made in the United States. The list is comprised of not just manufacturing location, but parts sourcing and employment. The top 10 list this year is full of EVs, and it will only likely grow as more and more people buy EVs.

Topping the list is the Tesla Model Y, which is produced in both Texas and California. The Tesla Model 3 takes second place with production in California. And the Tesla Model X rounds out the top 3 with production also in California.

Number 4 goes to the Tesla Model S, and the 6th is home to the Tennessee-built Volkswagen ID.4.

The next full-EV on the list is the Ford F-150 Lightning at 38th, being built in Dearborn.

Nearing the bottom of the top 100, the Mercedes EQS SUV comes in at 92nd place. It’s built in Alabama.

Finally, the Nissan Leaf comes in at 93rd being built in Tennessee.

This list, remember, takes into consideration the entire process (not just final assembly point), including all of the parts sourcing and manufacturing.

“The trends in this year’s AMI reflect shifting consumer preferences. Only two sedans, Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S, appear in the top 10, largely replaced by SUVs, now comprising almost 60% of the full list,” said Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief. “EVs, too, have experienced a meteoric rise since the first electrified vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, made its only AMI top 10 appearance just five years ago. Half of the top 10 are EVs this year, and roughly 1 in every 5 vehicles on the full list comes electrified.”

One other interesting data point from the survey data that has is that people are willing to pay up to 30% more for their vehicle knowing it was built in the United States.

If you’re interested in seeing the entire list, which includes hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and regular ICE-powered vehicles, you can click here to see that.

The American-Made Index is always an interesting look into where cars are actually made, and what buying American actually looks like. The Acura MDX, for example, is built in Marysville and East Liberty, Ohio. It’s also made with significant American-made and supplied resources. It’s not necessarily the Japanese automaker that you think it is.

If you’re looking to buy the most American car in 2023, you have to go EV. The times do be changing.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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