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With Ford and GM announcing that their respective companies will be adopting the Tesla charging (NACS) connector in 2025, it has been asked who else is going to support it. Which automakers are supporting NACS? But more importantly, which charging companies, EVSE providers, and more are supporting NACS?

The folks over at EVAdoption are maintaining an ongoing list of current and future support based on the most-recent publicly-available information.

For example, the folks at Emporia EV (who make our favorite value-oriented home EVSE), state that they are working on it with a formal announcement coming.

Now that two large EV OEMs have announced their commitment to NACS, it’s quite likely that more will follow suit. It’ll be important for early CCS adopters, like Electrify America and EVGO, to quickly modify and update their stations to support the Tesla charging connector.

Dongles and adapters will become commonplace for awhile, but the hope is that eventually the United States will settle on one charging connector standard, which allows charging providers to focus on reliability and performance instead of worrying about which connector is being used the by the customer.

To see the current list from EVAdoption, click here. We know we’ll be adding it to our bookmarks.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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