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Tesla changes the free color on Model 3 and Model Y

If you’ve ever noticed a large number of white Teslas at your local charging station, it’s for a pretty big reason. Sure, white is a good looking color on these cars, but additionally it’s the only color that is a no cost option. As in free. Every other color is at least a $1,000 addition.

Until today.

Now, if you go online and configure a new Tesla Model 3 or Y, the free color is Midnight Silver Metallic. White moves to a $1,000 option, along with Deep Blue Metallic. Solid Black remains a $1,500 option (and was the OG free color), and Red Multi-Coat remains a $2,000 upgrade.

All cars that have been built that are at retail centers waiting to be sold also reflect the price difference, along with any new car ordered from today forward.

With traditional, or legacy, automakers, color options are often dictated by how much it costs the automaker. That’s why it made sense for black to be the free color on the original Model 3, and red the most expensive. Red is traditionally the most expensive color to make.

This change will certainly add to the color diversity at your local meetup or Supercharger location, and should come as a welcome surprise to those interested in getting a new Model 3 or Y in the near future and wanted that color.

Though, we’re not sure how folks who took delivery before the end of the quarter who got silver feel, but frequent price changes are de rigueur for Tesla and surely won’t be the last.

What do you think about these changes?

Written by Chad Kirchner
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