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Subway is hopping on the EV charger bandwagon with ‘Oasis Parks’

As electrified vehicles become more and more popular nationwide, businesses are looking for ways to entice EV owners to visit their locations. Last year, furniture store IKEA announced its plans to quadruple the number of EV chargers at its stores and more recently, TravelCenters of America revealed its intentions to add EV chargers to its locations. The latest brand to hop on the EV charger bandwagon is Subway, which is partnering with GenZ EV Solutions to build the “EV Charging Oasis of the future.”

The collaboration will see select stores getting Subway Oasis charging parks that will feature charging canopies with multiple ports, picnic tables, WiFi, restrooms, green space, and even playgrounds. The deal will also bring smaller-format, fast EV charging stations at select Subway restaurants across the U.S. starting this year. Subway believes with its footprint nationwide that it is well positioned to contribute to a national network of charging stations.

Obviously, this plan is designed to help bring more traffic to Subway restaurants and to boost sales, but anything that helps expand the country’s charging infrastructure is appreciated. The company plans to partner with franchisees of both traditional and non-traditional locations in order to determine which sites will work for the smaller-format charging stations and which restaurants will benefit from Oasis parks. So next time your EV needs a charge and your stomach needs a sandwich, Subway will help you kill two birds with one stone.

“We’re constantly exploring new ways to innovate and exceed our guests’ expectations for a high-quality, convenient experience,” said Mike Kappitt, Chief Operating and Insights Officer of Subway. “Our partnership with GenZ EV Solutions is a win for our guests, our franchisees and our planet, creating a dedicated space for drivers to charge their vehicle while enjoying their favorite Subway sandwich.”

Written by Jason Siu

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