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Going nationwide: Ford has delivered Lightnings to customers in all 50 states

Early F-150 Lightning customers look forward to deliveries across the country.

Within two months, Ford has delivered the electric truck to new owners in all 50 states. Texas (the truck capital of America) and California (the electric vehicle capital of America) lead the way with the highest number of F-150 Lightning deliveries.

Regardless of where these customers are located, this electric truck can handle a variety of needs. Jeff and Tammy Head, owners of both an F-150 and now an F-150 Lightning, use their new electric truck to tow a boat for salmon fishing from Anchorage to Kenai River, about a three-hour drive.

“The guy in me likes having the baddest truck on the planet,” Jeff Head said.

“From the time we watched it at the reveal, we knew that we wanted it,” Tammy Head added. “We had no doubt that this truck will have trademark Ford quality which gave us the confidence to transition to an electric vehicle.”

Emre Gol, a Texas resident, primarily uses his F-150 Lightning for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling business.

“This truck is a workhorse,” said Gol. “We have driven more than 3,000 miles already and towed and carried hundreds of pounds of concrete in the frunk.”

One of the most popular features so far is the Mega Power Frunk. Owners are taking advantage of the front trunk’s 400 liters of space as well as the 2.4 kW of Pro Power Onboard to help power campsites or charge power tools while on the road.

Gol recently helped his neighbor who drives an electric sedan. While his neighbor only had six miles of charge left, he connected his F-150 Lightning with the sedan’s charging adapter and provided enough energy to save the day.

Without a doubt, Ford’s newest truck is winning EV fans. A survey shows nearly 80 percent of early reservation holders said the F-150 Lightning will be the first full EV in their household.

Chris Ashley of Maryland contemplated purchasing an EV the past couple of years before his wife, Emily, convinced him to buy the F-150 Lightning.

“The Lightning is the best thing I have ever purchased,” Ashley said. “With this truck, I can enhance my love of tailgating while at the same time play a small role in creating a better planet for my children.”

Ford has sold over 4,400 F-150 Lightning electric trucks in the U.S. and Canada.

Written by Miranda Richardson
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