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Free2move and Geotab partnership to integrate new telematics solutions for Stellantis vehicles

Work Truck Week 2022

Geotab announced at the 2022 Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, Indiana that it has partnered with Free2move, Stellantis’ global fleet, mobility, and connected data arm. This partnership aims to deliver new telematics solutions for Stellantis vehicles including Jeep, Ram, Dodge, and Chrysler. It will use the existing system in the vehicles to enable seamless integration of vehicle data from Free2move’s servers to the MyGeotab platform. This will create a single unified access point for fleet managers to generate reports and access key metrics to improve mobility and fleet performance.

Embedded telematics devices will provide fleets utilizing Stellantis vehicle access to data insights from Geotab’s fleet management services all under one platform. This will help managers ensure improved productivity, compliance, and safety. Since there’s no additional hardware or installation needed, this solution also cuts costs and maximizes uptime. In turn, companies boost profitability and improve efficiency. Additionally, operators also get access to the Geotab Marketplace where they can get a portfolio of mobile apps, hardware add-ons, and software to help customers tailor their management systems further to suit their needs.

“Geotab and Free2Move share a common goal, to improve mobility and enhance fleet efficiency,” said Rob Minton, Associate Vice President of Connected Car Development at Geotab. “As one of the top operating systems for connected fleets, the solution from Geotab, in collaboration with Free2Move, will supply fleets with a telematics solution that is simple to activate, cost-effective, and will help fleet managers better manage their fleets.”

Benjamin Maillard, General Manager of Free2Move added that his company is excited to partner with Geotab and provide better fleet management solutions. “We are focused on innovation and improving mobility,” added Maillard. “With the new solution for Stellantis vehicles, we are delivering unique value by merging traditional fleet management with enhanced mobility solutions.”

Launching sometime this year, the new telematics solution from Free2move and Geotab will be compatible with most connected Stellantis vehicles. This includes select 2018 to 2021 models and all 2022 and newer vehicles via a basic or premium connectivity plan. The plan will launch initially in the U.S. and will likely be expanded to other global markets over the next few years. As part of Stellantis’ electrification offensive, it is emphasizing software and new open-air platforms to enhance the capabilities of its vehicles. Stellantis has partnered with companies like Foxconn and Waymo as part of its focus on software and electrification.

In addition to telematics, Free2move offers a car-sharing service, short, medium, or long-term rental, and reservation of VTC drivers, parking spaces, and charging stations. All of this can be done via the Free2move app. The company currently serves 2 million customers globally, has 450,000 rental vehicles, 500,000 parking spots, and 250,000 charging points in Europe alone. Free2Move also has a monthly car on-demand subscription program that’s all-inclusive and delivers the vehicle to your address in certain cities. That service is currently available in nine cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Columbus, Denver, and Austin. In addition to Stellantis vehicles, Free2move’s car on-demand subscription also gives you access to cars from other brands like a Tesla Model 3. You can even ask a consultant to see if they can find the exact model you want to get for whatever it is you need.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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