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Ford’s high-performance Lightning concept spied in Dearborn

We might not be able to see much, but spy photographers have caught what appears to be Ford Performance’s F-150 Lightning concept on a trailer in Dearborn, Michigan. In case you’re a little bit confused about what this is, Ford Performance has a habit of building some outrageous, high-performance concepts, like the insane SuperVan. When the American automaker announced it was returning to Formula 1 in the 2026 season, it teased a graphic that hinted at an upcoming Ford Performance Lightning concept. It had the Lightning silhouette surrounded by other 1000+ horsepower concepts like the Mach-E 1400 and SuperVan 4.

And then there’s the tweet from Ford CEO, Jim Farley, when he was showing Daniel Ricciardo a sneak peek at the Lightning concept. The tweet doesn’t show too much either, but it does look like we can match up the wheels with the heavily wrapped truck on the trailer.

What we can spot from the spy photos is that this concept has a much larger motor in the rear. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was another project boasting over 1,000 hp once it officially debuts, which should be sometime in the next month or so.

While Ford is busy playing with 1,000+ hp electric pickup truck concepts, other automakers are trying to play catch up. Ram just recently unveiled the production 1500 REV, and if you were excited about the concept, you might be disappointed in the production version.

Written by Jason Siu

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