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Ford F-150 Lightning named 2023 MotorTrend Truck of the Year

The Ford F-150 Lightning continues to collect awards and accolades across the industry. Today, it was named the 2023 MotorTrend Truck of the Year, giving the American automaker a new addition to its growing trophy case. More importantly however, this win marks only the second time an EV has won unanimously in the history of MotorTrend’s “Of the Year” competitions and it’s the first time an electric truck has won by a unanimous vote from the judges.

In November, the Ford F-150 Lightning was America’s best-selling electric truck with 2,062 units. Yes, there isn’t a whole lot of competition just yet, but it’s clear the F-150 Lightning isn’t skipping a beat just because it’s electric. Since its first sale in May, F-150 Lightning sales have totaled 13,258 and is a major reason why the automaker is the second EV brand in the U.S. year-to-date.

Given the early success of the F-150 Lightning, it’s little surprise Ford is investing heavily into EVs. The company is working hard to increase production so that it can deliver 150,000 Lightnings annually by the end of next year.

In August, EV Pulse conducted a tow and charge test with the F-150 Lightning and came away impressed with its performance.

“The F-150 Lightning’s instantaneous torque and standout ride and handling make it without a doubt the best truck Ford has ever made. If that feels like a bold statement, consider that amongst our judges, the Lightning won Truck of the Year by unanimous decision–the first EV truck to convince all judges across the board,” said MotorTrend Group Head of Editorial Ed Loh. “The Ford F-150 Lightning is no less than a milestone achievement in the history of American mobility.”

Written by Jason Siu

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