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Porsche offers Taycan owners faster home charging

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Porsche has announced a new 19.2-kW on-board charger upgrade for the Taycan, which essentially doubles the electric sedan’s at-home charging speed when using a capable Level 2 AC charger. The upgrade can be retrofitted to current Taycans and replaces the existing on-board charger and associated wiring on the vehicle. Owners of 2020 model year Taycans will also get the ability to enable Plug and Charge in conjunction with a valid My Porsche account.

According to Porsche, charging time from zero to 100% for Taycans with the Performance Battery goes from 9.5 hours to 4.8 hours. Performance Battery Plus vehicles gets their charging time reduced from 10.5 hours to 5.3 hours with the 19.2-kW on-board charger. Those interested can contact their Porsche service center and the kit retails for $1,850.15 and labor time is estimated to be 12 hours. Naturally, new Taycan owners can configure their builds with the new on-board charger.

In order to take full advantage of the 19.2-kW on-board charger, you’ll need a capable Level 2 charger. Porsche offers a new 19.2-kW Wall Charger at a retail price of $1,586 and it’ll need to be hardwired directly to a 100-amp circuit. Porsche’s Wall Charger features a 5-inch touchscreen and WiFi connectivity for software updates. Although rare, there are aftermarket options as well, like this EVSE from ClipperCreek.

Written by Jason Siu

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