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Ford Pro helping Ecolab electrify its N.A. vehicle fleet with 10,000 Ford EVs

Ecolab, a supplier of water-treatment systems and related technologies is working to electrify its North American vehicle fleet. On Tuesday, the company announced that it has chosen Ford Pro, the Dearborn-based automaker’s commercial vehicle division, to make this vision a reality.

Ecolab is aiming to completely electrify its fleet of sales and service vehicles by the year 2030. But kicking things off, the firm is starting in California, where it’s aiming to be all EV, all the time by 2025. To achieve this in the Golden State, Ecolab will deploy more than 1,000 Ford electric vehicles including the F-150 Lightning Pro and Mustang Mach-E SUV, which, according to a media release from Ford, should make this “the largest all-electric sales and service fleet in California.” Curiously, the company does not appear to be acquiring any E-Transit vans, a vehicle designed specifically for commercial use.

In that same news release, Ted Cannis, the CEO of Ford Pro said, “[We] have worked closely for almost 100 years, from water conservation at Ford now to electrification at Ecolab.” The two companies are showing that “sustainability is good for the bottom line and the environment,” he added.

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Ford and Ecolab have worked together for nearly a century. Photo credit: Ford

Similarly, Ecolab’s chairman and CEO, Christophe Beck, said, “Ford and Ecolab have worked together for nearly a century, most recently to help conserve water and energy while improving business performance. This next phase of our relationship will help us move quickly and at scale with the goal of improving profits through renewable energy and EV solutions for the betterment of our employees, business and the environment.”

These two companies have worked hand-in-glove since 1925. Underscoring this relationship, in North America today, Ecolab owns and operates some 10,000 light-duty vehicles, 95% of which are Fords. Additionally, the firm has purchased more than 31,000 blue oval vehicles over the last 10 years.

While still not a perfect solution, electrification offers numerous and significant benefits over internal combustion. These advantages are great for the public at large, but they’re particularly impactful for commercial customers, where reduced vehicle maintenance and large potential fuel savings can quickly add up to big money.

In the case of Ecolab, the company estimates it can save roughly 50% in annual fuel costs per year with each Lightning it operates. That’s roughly $1,400 annually per truck, a massive amount. Similarly, wineries in Sonoma County, California have reduced their idle time by an estimated 49% and reduced vehicle downtime by around 50% thanks to Ford Pro software and related services.

Written by Craig Cole

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