Best floor mats for the Tesla Model Y

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Your Tesla Model Y electric vehicle is the car of your dreams, right? If you want to protect your investment as well as the interior of the vehicle, you may want to invest in floor mats for it. The Tesla manufacturer equips the vehicle with carpeted floor mats and while those are all right for the short-term, you just might want an all-weather liner for the Model Y.

Carpeted floor mats are the first line of defense against dirt and debris you track into your vehicle. Think about it though… do you know what’s on the bottom of your shoes? What have you stepped in? If you remove your shoes when you walk into your house because you don’t want unseemly crud tracked into your home and onto your carpets, all-weather floor mats are the way to go.

Best Floor Mats For The Tesla Model Y

Water, snowmelt and spilled coffee can be easily cleaned up and removed from the Model Y if you have all-weather mats but these liquids just aren’t so easily sopped up from a carpeted floor mat.

There may be no reason to cover the Tesla Model Y carpeting in the summer months unless you’re truly prone to spilling in your vehicle, but in the wet and snowy months, it’s probably a good idea.

Shopping guide for Tesla Model Y floor mats

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1. Tesla Model Y All-Weather Interior Liners

tesla model y floor liners

If you’re a Tesla purist you may just want to go right to the source — Tesla — and buy some all-weather floor mats. These all-weather liners are “made from a thermoplastic elastomer material” that has a rigid core that provides a high level of protection as well as “spatial coverage” as noted on the Tesla site.

These mats not only cover the floor but also have vertical walls to protect the footwell carpet. The Model Y All-Weather Interior Liners feature an exclusive grid pattern for easy cleanup. The liners are also 100% recyclable and free of PVC, latex and lead.

If you’re not into such a spendy set of floor mats there are many more affordable aftermarket choices that offer the same coverage but at more wallet-friendly prices.

Amazon carries several floor mat sets that are more affordable and will protect your vehicle.

2. LDCRS Tesla Model Y Floor Matsldcrs tesla model y floor mats

The LDCRS all-weather floor mats for the Tesla Model Y have 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from its customers. The mats scored high marks on durability and ease in cleaning and were priced at less than $200 when this article was written.

LDCRS touts their floor mats as being “perfect” for keeping the Tesla Model Y protected. The floor mats are logo-free and minimalistic, simplistic, sleek and modern.

The mats are easy to remove and clean.

3. 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats3d maxpider tesla model y floor mats

For our third option, we found the 3D Maxpider all-weather floor mats. The close to 300 online reviews gave these mats a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. The 3D Maxpider floor mats are a “perfect fit,” have a multi-layer construction, are 100% odorless, easy to clean and provide complete all-weather protection.

Keep the carpeting on your Model Y in pristine condition and potentially enhance the vehicle’s resale value — if you can ever bear to part with it!

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