3 reasons why you need floor mats for your Tesla Model 3

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No one is allowed to eat in this writer’s car, but that doesn’t mean my car is spotless and hospital-sterile. Food may not be allowed, but I do have furry passengers — three cats and three dogs, to be exact. Sure I can lift all but one of the pets, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t tracking in dirt, grass and who knows what else from the yard. I don’t need much in my car, but I do need clean floors. Thank you floor mats!

Floor mats are certainly an item drivers of the Tesla Model 3, should invest in to keep that sweet ride protected from the elements. If you’ve made the investment in the Tesla Model 3, one of the more affordable electric vehicle options, you’ll have some money left over to put toward floor mats.

Let’s talk about these oftentimes underappreciated accessories and why your Tesla Model 3 needs them.

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Floor mats — which don’t always come standard with a new car — protect the interior from mud, leaves, dust, dirt and any other debris you or your passengers track in.

Read on for three reasons to invest in Tesla Model 3 floor mats

1. Your Tesla will be easier to keep clean

When you use custom floor mats the floor is kept cleaner. The floor mat will be subjected to dirt and grime and the floors will be protected. you need floor mats. Tesla Model 3 floor mats, like these highly-rated ones from Farasla, make clean up easier and quicker. Look for floor mats that have channels to catch any spilled liquids or rainwater or snowmelt. When it’s time to clean the car, vacuum the mat or better yet, take it out of the car, vacuum it, rinse off any mud and debris. Wait for them to thoroughly dry then put them back into your car to protect the original flooring.

2. Your Tesla Model 3 will retain its resale value

Protecting your investment is one of the top priorities for buying floor mats. You certainly don’t want to open the doors to show of your new ride only to find the interior is cringeworthy. Protecting your expensive new car with floor mats makes sense. Rather than your Tesla’s carpeting taking a beating from any debris you are tracking in and grinding it into the carpeting, put down custom floor mats and protect the interior.

3. Your Tesla Model 3 will shine brighter

Your car’s flooring is something you may not give a second thought to — until it’s grungy. Custom-designed and fitted floor mats keep the interior looking as good as when you drove the car off the lot. Look for floor mats for your new Tesla that are designed for style as well as function. You can even chose from a variety of different colors to match your taste.

Some floor mat features to consider:

  • A custom-fit design that provides comprehensive coverage.
  • Materials that are tough, but good looking.
  • Materials that can absorb or trap moisture.
  • A floor mat that won’t grow rigid and inflexible in cold months.
  • A color that complements the interior of your new Tesla Model 3.

Jobs floor mats perform:

  1. Coffee, soda and fast food stains can be impossible to remove from the carpeting of your Tesla Model 3. If the floor mats get too grungy, you can replace them.
  2. Your shoes are disgusting. Stop and think about where you walk on a regular basis. Do you want the germs and junk that you pick up in a grocery store, in your office, walking the dogs, tracked into your vehicle?
  3. The carpets in your car can trap allergens and smells (other than the moldy ones) Unless you ban all food and drinks and ensure the bottoms of the shoes of everyone who rides in your car are cleaned before they get in, outdoor elements will get in and on the carpets. Using floor mats, again, makes it easy to clean and rid the car of smells.
  4. Standing water or water that is lingering on the carpet in your car can lead to a smell of mildew in your car. Floor mats allow you to remove them, clean the mat and put them back. Rubber floor mats are even easier to get rid of water to prevent mold growth. They’ll even channel water, like these floor liners, to make it easier to remove the unwanted liquid.
  5. If you’re selling your car in the future, the new owner will be thrilled to see pristine carpeting and that can happen thanks to floor mats.

Using car mats in your Tesla Model 3 may not be the solution to the cleanliness of your vehicle, but they certainly make a difference. Look for floor mats specifically designed for your Tesla and enjoy the ride.

Written by Robbi Hess

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