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2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV review: Leather-lined cruise missile

The 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV is the first all-electric performance utility vehicle from the go-fast sub-brand, and perform it does, with up to 677 horsepower on tap. But aside from brute force, there’s plenty that separates this AMG model from more mainstream versions of the EQE SUV and closely related EQE sedan.

Dressed to thrill, this machine looks like a proper high-performance vehicle. Its grille is unique and features special vertical accents, just like other AMG models. There’s a reworked front fascia with black accents and integrated air ducts to direct the slipstream around the front wheels to improve aerodynamics. The standard Digital Light headlamps display AMG-specific animations at night, and there are unique 21- and 22-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires designed specifically for AMG electric vehicles.

Beyond all that, this example also wears the optional $750 night package, which includes gloss black mirror housings and window trim as well as black chrome for the side skirt accents and A-wing lettering (i.e., the EQE badges ahead of the front windows). There’s also the $550 night package plus that includes more black chrome on the grille and rear badging. Overall, this utility vehicle is both sleek and aggressive, one that looks like a proper AMG, even if there’s no wailing combustion engine under the hood.

2024 Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 26
This is an aggressive — but still handsome — SUV. Photo credit: EV Pulse / Craig Cole

Similarly, the EQE’s interior is extremely familiar; there are few surprises but still plenty to cover. As in other versions of this vehicle, the cabin is comfortable, spacious and absolutely beautiful. Assembly quality is flawless as well. This particular interior is rendered in Neva Grey and Biscay Blue Nappa leather, a stunning combo that’s bright and cheerful without being gaudy. There’s also the $1,500 AMG carbon fiber trim package that adds some of this woven material to the center console. This is orders of magnitude better than piano black, but I’m split on using carbon fiber as a decorative accent. Thanks to its light weight and incredible strength, this material is probably better reserved for structural applications.

Of course, there are special front seats as well, complete with heating, ventilation and plenty of AMG badging. There’s also a flat-bottomed steering wheel wrapped in more buttery-soft Nappa leather. This wheel features some unique controls that sprout from the hub almost like Mickey Mouse ears. The right dial lets you easily change the driving mode and the left one is customizable, allowing you to adjust various vehicle settings at the push of a button.

Giving drivers some control over how this SUV behaves, bringing up the AMG menu allows you to adjust not only the various driving modes, but also the ride firmness, how aggressive the powertrain responds and how much synthesized powertrain noise is played through the audio system. All these settings are dead simple to adjust from one immediately intuitive menu right on the infotainment screen.

2024 Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 40
It’s no surprise the EQE’s interior is gorgeous. Photo credit: EV Pulse / Craig Cole

But the one feature in the 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV that is most impressive – and eye-catching – is the MBUX Hyperscreen. With three individual displays mounted under a single pane of glass that runs basically the width of the dashboard, this infotainment array makes an indelible first impression.

Ahead of the driver is a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. In the middle is a 17.7-inch touchscreen and then on the right side of the dashboard is another 12.3-inch panel for the front passenger to play with. All three screens are of great quality – colorful, crisp and easy to read – plus, the MBUX infotainment system is also incredibly speedy and quite intuitive.

Indeed, the Hyperscreen is super impressive at first glance, but when you look a little closer, it does lose some of its luster. You can clearly see the edges of each individual display, which kind of ruins the overall effect, plus, how do you service this thing? How much do replacement parts cost? Will insurance just total the vehicle out if your kids inadvertently crack the glass? The Hyperscreen works extremely well, but personally, I’d rather have two separate displays like you get in mainstream versions of the EQE sedan and EQE SUV because this configuration is simpler and undoubtedly more serviceable.

2024 Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 36
The MBUX Hyperscreen commands your attention. Photo credit: EV Pulse / Craig Cole

The strong, silent type, this amped-up AMG has two electric motors that, naturally, provide standard all-wheel drive. Those dynamos are good for 617 hp and 701 pound-feet of torque, but if you opt for the $4,000 AMG Dynamic Plus package you get unique performance sounds, a top speed of 149 mph and, most importantly, a feature called Race Start that ups those aforementioned output figures to 677 and 738, respectively, enough for a 0-to-60 dash in just 3.4 seconds.

Race Start is only supposed to be used on closed courses, not your subdivision side street, but activating this warp drive is simple. Make sure the vehicle is in Sport or Sport+ mode, then stand on the brake pedal and floor the accelerator, oh, and make sure you’re holding on because when you release the brake you’re getting dropkicked over the horizon. The EQE leaps off the line with startling authority, surging ahead on a tsunami of torque.

All that performance does cost you, and not just monetarily. Like other versions of the EQE, this example has a 90.6-kilowatt-hour battery, but in this AMG application, that pack provides just 235 miles of range on a full charge, probably not enough for many drivers. This number is a bit disappointing, but also hardly surprising for a mega-powerful SUV with huge tires. When it’s time to DC fast charge, the EQE tops out at 170 kilowatts, a good but hardly segment-leading figure.

2024 Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 51
Back seat passengers are well cared for in this SUV. Photo credit: EV Pulse / Craig Cole

Helping you rein in all that prodigious performance are massive brakes. And if the stock setup isn’t enough, gargantuan ceramic composite binders are available for an additional $5,450. The optional brakes include 17.3-inch front rotors, about the diameter of a large pizza. They should provide resilient, fade-free stopping when driving the EQE in anger, such as back-to-back hot laps. Used on the street, these brakes are easy to modulate and silent, even when cold. Many carbon ceramic brakes squeal annoyingly until they get some heat in them, but that’s not a problem here.

Complimenting those track-ready brakes is a high-tech chassis. Adjustable air suspension, adaptive dampers, active roll stabilization and rear-axle steering that angles the back wheels up to 9 degrees are all standard. These features give the AMG-enhanced EQE SUV exemplary refinement. Even with those large tires, the ride is buttery smooth no matter the driving mode you choose. Comfort does an excellent job smothering roadway imperfections but even Sport+ is remarkably livable. Active roll stabilization helps deliver that buttery ride while driving straight, though it also basically eliminates body roll in corners. Rear-wheel steering greatly enhances low-speed agility, making the EQE practically feel like a go-kart as you maneuver through parking lots or around obstacles.

This vehicle’s steering will never be confused with a Mazda MX-5 Miata’s, but it’s appropriately hefty and the ratio is quick enough to make this AMG feel agile. The thick-set wheel is also just about perfect, with a meaty feel and supple leather.

2024 Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 06
The 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV impresses in many ways. Photo credit: EV Pulse / Craig Cole

There’s plenty to love about the 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV, from the tasteful-yet-aggressive styling and gorgeous interior to the stellar tech, effortless acceleration and impressive refinement. This utility vehicle would be flirting with greatness if it offered more range, DC fast charged a bit quicker and weren’t so expensive.

The Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV starts at around $110,000, though this example checks out for $130,950 including $1,150 in destination fees, a princely sum to be certain. Lower-end versions of the EQE sedan and SUV are a better deal, but this pumped-up model is undeniably appealing. It looks great, drives well, has a stellar interior and is stupid quick when you’re in a hurry.

At a glance

  • Year: 2024
  • Make: Mercedes-AMG
  • Model: EQE SUV
  • Type: 4-door all-electric crossover
  • Horsepower: 617 (677 with Race Start)
  • Torque: 701 pound-feet (738 with Race Start)
  • MPGe ratings (city/highway/combined): 77/71/74
  • Range: 235 miles
  • Pros: Stylish design, stunning interior quality, attention-grabbing tech, effortless acceleration, refinement
  • Cons: Needs more range, middling DC fast charging performance, princely pricing
  • Estimated Base price: $110,450
  • As-tested price: $130,950 including $1,095 in destination fees

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Written by Craig Cole

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