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Mercedes-Benz EQS interior — including Hyperscreen — shown off in all of its glory

The official debut of the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS isn’t too far away and the brand has shown off the battery-electric sedan’s interior in all of its screen-packed glory.

Mercedes’ new MBUX Hyperscreen dominates the cabin, flaunting one display after another. In total, the whole system covers 56 inches’ worth of curved glass housing three massive screens. The two outer climate control vents are integrated neatly into the Hyperscreen while the center one has been turned into a strip spanning the entire width above the display. Should you want to turn down the level of features being shown, the EQS’ user interface can be put in reduced mode.

Mercedes’ latest version of MBUX has been improved with simplified controls in the 2022 EQS. The brand says that learnings from the initial versions found in cars currently on the road have allowed it to fine-tune the interface even more. As a result, the submenus have been drastically reduced and the car will now put your most-used features on top so you have easy access to them. Voice commands have also been improved and can now explain certain functions of the car, link to your smart home devices, anticipate what passengers want to do, and recognize the voices of other occupants in the car and link them with their profile.

MBUX gets a new ASMR-type relaxing sound feature called Energizing Nature. The three modes are called Forest Glade, Sounds of the Sea, and Summer Rain. Mercedes says the sounds are based on the “Quiet Planet” audio library compiled over the years by Gordon Hempton, a nature acoustician. All of the sounds have also been optimized for the in-car experience and arranged into 10-minute pieces.

For the rest of the interior, you find multi-contour seats and a center console with huge storage underneath. The ambient lighting makes everything glow, even certain portions of the seats, which have LED strips embedded in them. Models with the AMG Line get slim sports seats up front complete with perforations and quilting. Mercedes-Benz is also adding a new type of upholstery called NeoTex, which combines the look of leather and neoprene, and will be offered with eight color combinations.

A Power Nap feature has been added for use when charging or taking a break from a long drive and has three settings: falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up. Each one allows the car to set the atmosphere inside the car and promote good sleeping patterns.

A specific Burmester surround sound system will be standard on the EQS and features specific modes. Silver Waves provides “sensuous and clean sound” according to Mercedes. Vivid Flux is described as “crystalline, synthetic yet humanly warm.” A third theme called Roaring Pulse will be added via an over-the-air update. Mercedes-Benz has also added artificial noise to the EQS, which has varying volume levels depending on the drive mode you’re in. Switch to Sport mode and the sound will change to something more dynamic according to Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz has added a new HEPA filter on the EQS that can filter out more fine particles. The new filters have gained the OFI Quality Seal ZG 250-1 from the Austrian Research and Testing Institute for their effectiveness and capturing bacteria and viruses. In its new condition, the HEPA filter has a capturing capacity of 90 percent for bacteria and 86 percent for viruses. The degradation isn’t much either because it’s still able to capture 80 percent of viruses and 88 percent of bacteria in the aged condition. To go with the new HEPA filters, Mercedes will also show off a new fragrance called No. 6 Mood Linen.

The 2022 EQS will be the first vehicle on Mercedes’ dedicated EV platform and will have a 0.20 coefficient of drag. It will also be the first to offer the MBUX Hyperscreen. Should you want a more traditional layout, the EQS will also be available with a dual-display layout featuring a 12.3-inch digital cluster and a 12.8-inch main touch screen. The EQS will be the first EQ-badged vehicle to come to the U.S. where it is scheduled to arrive before the end of 2021.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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