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2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 first drive review: Luxury that rivals the best

As an automotive enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of driving countless vehicles over the years, but the 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 stands out as a truly exceptional example of luxury, innovation, and performance. Genesis has outdone itself with this premium electric SUV, raising the bar for what it means to be a top-tier electric vehicle.

From the moment you lay eyes on the Electrified GV70, it is apparent that Genesis has gone above and beyond in creating a luxurious aesthetic. The sleek, aerodynamic design is both captivating and functional, reducing drag to maximize efficiency. The iconic Crest Grille and Quad LED headlights add a touch of sophistication and elegance, making a statement on the road.

The interior of the Electrified GV70 is nothing short of opulent. The use of high-quality materials such as Nappa leather, real wood trim, and brushed aluminum accents creates an atmosphere of pure indulgence. The comfortable and supportive seats with their adjustable settings ensure a serene driving experience for both the driver and passengers. The panoramic sunroof floods the cabin with natural light, adding to the overall sense of spaciousness.

Technology-wise, the Electrified GV70 is packed with cutting-edge features that make every drive a pleasure. The 14.5-inch touch screen infotainment system with its intuitive interface ensures easy access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings. The advanced driver assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist, provide an extra layer of safety and convenience.

Genesis has outperformed competitors in terms of performance and range. With its powerful electric powertrain making 429 horsepower, the Electrified GV70 boasts an impressive 0-60 mph time of approximately 4.5 seconds. The estimated range of 236 miles on a single charge is about on par with some other electric SUVs, but it charges quicker than nearly all of them. The 800V multi-charging system ensures rapid charging capabilities, making those necessary stops more efficient. The Electrified GV70 can go from a 10% charge to 80% in 18 minutes. That’s a number we’ve independently verified in previous vehicles with the same 77.4 kWh battery and charging hardware.

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Electrified GV70 is its focus on sustainability. Not only does it deliver a zero-emission driving experience, but Genesis has also incorporated eco-friendly materials such as recycled PET bottles and natural dyes in the vehicle’s production process.

The 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 is a premium electric SUV that truly sets itself apart in terms of luxury, performance, and innovation. Genesis has succeeded in creating an exceptional vehicle that is sure to please the most discerning of drivers, making a strong case for the future of electric vehicles in the luxury market.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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