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That new gas powered, V8 Mustang with a manual transmission? You can thank the Mach-E for that

The upcoming Detroit Auto Show isn’t going to set the world on fire, but there is a product that is going to debut there that enthusiasts will appreciate. The next generation, gasoline-powered, manual-equipped Ford Mustang coupe is set to bow in a few weeks.

Why? Because the Mustang Mach-E.

It’s amazing to me that we’re still litigating years later if the Mach-E is a proper Mustang. If Ford says it’s a Mustang, then it’s obviously a Mustang. But more importantly, if a Mustang is supposed to be a fun car to drive, the Mach-E also fits that bill.

But regardless of whether or not you think it’s a proper Mustang, its existence is why enthusiasts are getting another V8 Mustang.

How do I know this? Just look at the competition. For years the folks over at Dodge answered the call to #HellcatAllTheThings, and did it quite successfully. Not only does the brand outsell Ford is the muscle car space, but the lineup is a household name.

So if V8s are what sell, especially to enthusiasts, why did Dodge announce that at the end of 2023, there’ll be no more gas powered Chargers and Challengers, and that the next generation muscle car will be all electric? Simple. Stellantis doesn’t offer many electrified vehicles in North America.

The Mustang Mach-E began a series of product launches for Ford to introduce all electric models and trims to its lineup. We like the Mach-E, but we also adore the F-150 Lightning that followed. Additional electric models will not only help Ford reach its goal of a totally electric lineup, but also lowers the company’s average emissions in the meantime.

“Without the Mach-E, the Mustang wouldn’t exist,” is something that a source told me a year or so back. And it makes complete sense. If you an offset a gas guzzler with a lineup of electric vehicles, you can make the gas guzzler for a little longer.

After the end of 2023, you won’t be able to buy a gas powered muscle car from Dodge. But you will from Ford. All because that car that so many of you claim is “not a Mustang” exists, and is selling reasonably well.

We’re an electric site here, but we do like enthusiast cars. But the big take-away from this is that thanks to electric cars, Ford can continue to make gas powered cars for a little while longer. Automakers with no EVs in their lineups will have the make the transition sooner.

Just something to keep in mind as we head into this fall’s auto show season.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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