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Captain Obvious: The GMC Hummer EV was never supposed to be all things to all people

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV is finally here, kind of. It’ll be here at the end of next year. But now that we’ve seen it, people are chiming in on what they think. Many, it seems like, don’t like it because it wasn’t designed for them.

Well no shit.

The electric pickup truck is rapidly becoming a segment. It has moved beyond just a single truck offering. GMC is in the game. Rivian is well on its way. Ford has its offering coming soon. That doesn’t even take into account Bollinger and Nikola.

In order to be successful, each of these truck offerings needs to be different. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The Hummer was never an inexpensive vehicle. When it went on sale in 2002, it was nearly $50,000. That’s in 2002 money. The H1 carried an even higher price tag.

Regular Joe pickup trucks easily swell past $50,000, so it’s no surprise that the Hummer EV starts at $80,000 and goes up to over $112,00. Hummers are supposed to be expensive.

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Hummers have also appealed to the “bro crowd.” Following that trend into the EV world just makes sense. It looks like a Hummer, which will attract those who owned one before. It’s also priced higher than everything else, which always appeals to a particular type of buyer. It might even do a good job of “tricking” those who never would consider an EV into buying this EV.

Hummer H2. Photo credit: Art Konovalov /

The Hummer H1 was never for everyone. The Hummer H2 was for a few more people, but not everyone. The Hummer H3 was as mass-market as the brand dared to go, but still wasn’t for the mainstream buyer.

Why would the Hummer EV be any different? Good on GM for sticking to the original Hummer formula, just electrified.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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