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2022 Ford Maverick hybrid pickup truck: How we’d spec it

The 2022 Ford Maverick is a bit of a trendsetter. It’s the only truck expected to get 37 mpg combined thanks to its standard hybrid powertrain and the second model to enter the recently revived compact pickup segment alongside the Hyundai Santa Cruz. This vehicle is aimed straight at people who need the capabilities of a truck but don’t want any of the drawbacks of one. Built on a unibody architecture shared with the Escape, the Ford Maverick promises the benefits of a crossover and a utility of a bed all in one package. After playing around with the configurator, here’s how we’d configure ours.

(Editor’s note: Want to configure your own? Click here to visit Ford’s build and price tool.)

Since I’m not the type that needs extra traction for my excursions, there’s no reason for me to get a 2022 Ford Maverick with that feature. As a result, I’ll save my money and stick with the 191-hp hybrid powertrain, meaning my truck will start at $21,490. However, I do like my bells and whistles plus active driver assistance features are a real boon in Los Angeles so I’ll immediately go up to the Lariat grade. That adds 18-inch alloy wheels and the cool multi-tone interior finished in brown ActiveX leatherette upholstery.

Moving up to the Lariat gets me access to the Luxury package, which adds the full Ford CoPilot360 suite of driver assistance features. You also get an eight-speaker B & O audio system, a necessary upgrade for audiophiles. Other convenience features you get include heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, rear parking sensors, remote start, a 400-watt inverter, and a wireless charging pad. In the event that I need to use the Maverick Hybrid’s 2,000-pound payload capacity, the Luxury package also adds a trailer hitch with a four-pin connector.

All in, my ideal 2022 Ford Maverick checks $31,360 including the $1,495 destination fee and the Cyber Orange exterior color, which costs $495 extra. The hybrid variant provides enough capacity for my needs because I don’t necessarily require the towing capability or 4WD traction afforded by a larger mid-size truck. Even the turbocharged Maverick with AWD and the 4K Tow package is overkill.

For my lifestyle, the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid fits the bill for my intended purpose and it’s the perfect city-sized truck. It’ll be used for airport runs, the occasional Ikea shopping spree, groceries, and to some extent, commuting and road trips. I need the bed to put my gear but none of my belongings weigh so much that I need more than 1,500 pounds of payload or 2,000 pounds of towing capability. Nor do I need AWD living in Los Angeles. I’d rather take advantage of the hybrid truck’s superior fuel economy offers rather than go overkill with capability I likely won’t even use.

My main intention is to take advantage of the flexibility that a bed brings but I also don’t want to sacrifice ride comfort when I’m not using it. That alone is the biggest reason why I configured the 2022 Ford Maverick that way; it’s going to do exactly what I need to do while still remaining a viable daily driver or long-distance vehicle.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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