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Survey respondents say they’re cool with green-focused delivery to their homes and offices

With the upcoming reveal of the E-Transit, the electric Ford Transit van, Ford took part with Google in a survey of U.S., U.K. and Germany respondents. The questions were about electrification and delivery.

When it comes to deliveries to the home, over 60% of Americans and 68% of Britons care about the environmental impact of those deliveries. That’s a 12% increase in the United States just over last year.

Of course, this year there are significantly more home deliveries since COVID-19 is ravaging the world. Fewer people going out means the necessities get ordered in.

In all of the countries, respondents said they’d order from a green-focused delivery company if they could, as long as price and arrival times were the same. The numbers were 54% in the United States and 60% in the U.K.

Obviously the caveat of being the same price and the same delivery time comes into play, but the point Ford is likely trying to make with the new Transit is that it’ll be able to do everything a gas-powered Transit can do with no compromise.

That being said, they did ask respondents if they would be willing to wait longer for delivery from a zero emissions van if they had to. Ford says that close to half said they would.

Responding to a survey about being green does imply a bit of bias. Some people wouldn’t want to admit that they’re not as green as they’d like to be, so they would respond “Yes” to the questions to feel better about themselves.

That being said, the numbers are promising, and really why would someone care HOW the product got to them, as long as it got to them

That’s why we believe that EV adoption will be far more rapid in commercial vehicles, where the bottom line is all that matters. Lower operating costs with the same versatility is a no brainer for many.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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