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Ford debuting electric Transit van on November 12th

While some automakers are focused on electrifying the consumer side of things, like GMC with the Hummer EV, others have their eyes focused toward commercial.

When it comes to commercial vehicle sales in the United States, Ford takes the lead. It has an offering in Class 1 through Class 7, with a variety of powertrain and upfit options for whatever the customer needs.

It’s no surprise that in addition to an electric Ford F-150 coming in mid-2022, Ford also has an electric Transit van coming.

That debut date is set for November 12, 2020.

The all-electric Transit should be as versatile as the gasoline-powered ones of today. That means buyers should expect to get the van in the various roof heights and passenger configurations.

We don’t have anything specific on range estimates, though we expect to hear more during the reveal. What we do know from observation is that the floor of the Transit is quite large and quite flat, meaning there should be a ton of space to fit enough lithium-ion batteries to get some decent range.

Adding an electric van to a fleet can save the operator money, both on fuel and maintenance, while helping meet corporate compliance guidelines. While we don’t know pricing, expect any increase in price to be offset by government incentives or long-term operating expenses.

We’ll know more on the 12th. Will you be watching?

Written by Chad Kirchner
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