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Shyft Group’s Blue Arc EV Solutions debuts new commercial grade BEV delivery vehicle and chassis

Work Truck Week 2022

Blue Arc EV Solutions, a new brand under the Shyft Group showed off its three initial products at this year’s NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. This includes a commercial-grade chassis specifically for battery-electric vehicles, a class 3 all-electric walk-in delivery van, and a portable remote-controlled charging station called the Power Cube.

“We created Blue Arc not just for companies looking to evolve their parcel delivery fleets to electric power, but for the people — for our customers and the drivers,” said Daryl Adams, CEO of Shyft Group. “Blue Arc is the electric mobility company that can deliver end-to-end holistic EV solutions and meets sustainability and performance goals with a full ecosystem of electric-powered solutions. We are ready to charge ahead and bring the EV promise to reality for future generations.”

Along with the three products, Blue Arc also announced that the Randy Marion Dealer Group will be the first to offer the Class 3 delivery vehicle. It also plans to leverage Shyft’s expertise in vehicle chassis manufacturing and body building to deliver electrified solutions at scale. The Class 3 delivery van is a ground-up design that uses Shyft’s proprietary battery-powered chassis, has a customizable length and wheelbase, and is built to fulfill the usage and duty cycle demands of commercial vehicles.

The chassis is modular and can accommodate multiple weight ratings and classifications based on how the vehicle is built and used. On a single charge, it can travel between 150 and 175 miles. Its range can be further expanded via different battery options. Additionally, the chassis’ customizability means it can be built specifically for a specific type of mission including last-mile delivery, work truck, mass transit, recreational vehicle, and more.

Blue Arc’s class 3 delivery van is designed for high-frequency, last-mile delivery fleets. It features 635 to 800 cubic feet of storage and offers several options of vocational packages geared toward functionality. An integrated solar roof package will also be offered along with lightweight honeycomb aluminum shelving units that are 175 pounds lights. The van’s body is built mainly of aluminum and composites that offer a higher degree of protection against dents and scratches. In terms of length, it’ll be between 14 to 18 feet and has a payload capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. This allows operators to pick the right configuration, optimizing ownership costs including charging and maintenance.

The van will also get driver assistance features. Blue Arc notes that some of the safety and convenience features include a surround-view camera system, lane departure warning, and keyless entry. Prototypes will be in customers’ hands for testing within the next few months and they will be supported by Shyft’s research and development center in Plymouth, Michigan. Production of the delivery van and chassis is expected to start in mid-2023.

The final piece of the Blue Arc ecosystem is the Power Cube, a remote-controlled charging station with onboard energy storage built specifically to meet the needs of commercial vehicle operations. This unit is customizable, doesn’t need to be connected to the grid, and has been developed for fast and flexible deployment. Its onboard power unit can charge vehicles in one to two hours and is supplemented by wind and solar power via panels that track the sun for maximum exposure and charging. Shyft will provide more information on the Power Cube in the next few months. Of the three, the Power Cube could be a game-changer because it doesn’t need the grid to get power. Additionally, this provides an additional energy source for commercial operators.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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