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Rivian introducing Rivian Guides program to provide one-on-one support through entire ownership

When Tesla introduced its buying method to the public, it was hailed as a stress-free alternative to traditional dealership sales. While there is a Tesla sales representative that can help you through the process, most of the support and after sales hand holding is done through ownership clubs and support communities.

Rivian understands that buyers, at least at the premium level, could benefit from having a guide to help them through the process. Are you ordering the right color combination? What does this battery size mean? What type of accessories can I use?

That’s where Rivian Guides come in. Once you place your preorder you’ll be assigned a Rivian Guide. They are your single point of contact with the company for the entire duration of your ownership experience (does that mean people can’t retire?).

They’re on call to help you with anything. Unsure about a color? Check. Need an order update? No problem. Want to find a new off-road route to take your new R1T? They’ll have suggestions. This is an experience that some high-end luxury brands offer — the personal touch of an expert — but on cars that are a bit more affordable.

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Launch Edition preorders will be introduced to their respective guides starting in May, when they finish their training regime. The guides are working out of the Normal, Illinois plant.

Rivian seems to be doing everything right, and this Rivian Guides program adds a personal touch to the process that should help customers feel even better about their purchase, improve confidence in the brand, and convert them to both evangelists and return customers.

Launch Edition R1T trucks are expected to ship later this year.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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