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Recon, Wagoneer S, and Avenger: Jeep announces 3 new full BEV electric models with a 4th to come by 2025

Given that Dodge is investing heavily into electrified vehicles and parent company Stellantis has four battery-electric vehicle architectures — STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large, and STLA Frame — it should be little surprise that the future of Jeep is electric. During Jeep 4xe Day, the American automaker confirmed it will introduce four all-electric SUVs for the North American and European markets by 2025, as it aims to become the global zero-emission SUV leader. By 2030, Jeep aims to have 50% of its U.S. sales to be battery-electric vehicles (BEV), while in Europe, that figure will be a solid 100%.

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The Wagoneer S is projected to have 400 miles of range. Photo credit: Jeep

To preview that plan in North America, Jeep previewed two all-new, all-electric SUVs and confirmed to EV Pulse that both of them ride on the STLA Large platform. The first is the Jeep Recon, designed from the ground up to be a fully-electric Jeep 4×4 with true trail-rated capability thanks to Jeep Selec-Terrain traction management system, e-locker axle technology, underbody protection, tow hooks, and aggressive off-road tires. A one-touch powertop contributes to that authentic Jeep open-air sense of freedom, along with removable doors and glass. Expect to see the Jeep Recon on display to the public next year, while production won’t begin until 2024 in North America. The automaker will open the order books starting in early 2023. After its North American launch, the Jeep Recon will be sold in all major markets around the world, including Europe.

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The Recon will deliver a doors off experience similar to Wrangler, but not replace Wrangler. Photo credit: Jeep

The second model that Jeep previewed is currently code-named Wagoneer S, but it’ll be a fully-electric Wagoneer. With a target range of 400 miles on a single charge, it’ll offer plenty of performance as Jeep is aiming for 600 horsepower and a zero-to-60 mph time of about 3.5 seconds. Naturally, it’ll compete in the premium SUV segment with 4×4 capability as standard. Like the Jeep Recon, the Wagoneer BEV will be on display next year, prior to production starting in 2024. Reservations will also open in early 2023, and the model will head to global markets as well.

The third model Jeep announced during its 4xe Day is the Avenger, which will actually be the brand’s first fully-electric SUV. That model will arrive Europe in 2023, as one of four zero-emission vehicles sold in the continent by 2025. The Avenger is a compact model that will also be available in other markets including Japan and South Korea, and will slot under the Jeep Renegade, which is likely why it’s not heading to North America. It will target a range of 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) and will be built in Tychy, Poland. Look for the Jeep Avenger to debut at the Paris Motor Show in mid-October and reservations to be opened shortly after its unveiling on the same day.

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The Avenger is tiny and potent, and not coming to the U.S. Photo credit: Jeep

“Today we shared only a glimpse of our new portfolio of all-electric SUVs, providing tangible evidence of what is to come in the next 24 months and why we say that 4xe is the new 4×4,” said Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO. “This powerful combination of Jeep design, legendary 4×4 capability and electrification will reshape the SUV market, allowing more customers in more countries and in more segments to join us on our path toward Zero Emission Freedom.”

Written by Jason Siu

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