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Ram Trucks to introduce a Ram 1500 electric with a range extender

2022 Chicago Auto Show

At the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, Ram formally introduced its Ram Revolution program to provide fans and real truck users access to the development of the electric Ram pickup truck.

Heading this strategy, along with Ram’s overall execution, is Mike Koval Jr. As the CEO of Ram Trucks, it’s up to him to get the electric truck (and upcoming Ram ProMaster electric). We sat down at the auto show with Mr. Koval to talk about the truck.

He tells us that the Ram 1500 electric will “push past” not only the current competition (and competition that will be out by then), but also customer expectations of what an electric truck should be.

While talking about that truck, he also mentioned that along with the fully-electric pickup truck, there will be a “class shattering” range extender version.

While he wouldn’t go into details — executives like to not talk about future product — this is the first that we’ve heard that the Ram would have a range extendible option.

What is a range extender? It’s an EV with an onboard gasoline- or diesel-powered motor to charge the battery. This gives you all the performance of a BEV, but without the range anxiety.

We also expect a range extender to help with the issue of reduced EV range when towing. An electric pickup truck unloaded will obviously will have more range than a fully loaded truck pulling a trailer.

Battery density and range will increase as the technology advances, of course, but a gasoline range extender (as long as it’s not a Hellcat motor) would virtually eliminate that issue.

The BEV Ram 1500 will be out sometime in 2024, and Mr. Koval didn’t give any specifics on the availability of the range-extended version, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it around that same time.

Stay tuned.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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