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Magna’s all-electric powertrain scheduled to hit the market by 2022

Magna has announced that its battery-electric powertrain dubbed EtelligentReach is set to debut in a new entry-level vehicle in 2022. It features two electric motors, inverters and gearboxes, and leverages the latest software to optimize a vehicle’s range and driving dynamics. Magna says that the new eDrive technology advancements and holistic approach to vehicle development result in a range increase of 90 miles, 30 percent more than most production EVs in the entry-level segment.

To get the high range, Magna optimizes the interaction between individual powertrain components and the rest of the vehicle. This is done via a software package that manages multiple functions within the car. A modular control unit, for instance, integrates several powertrain and chassis functions including the dynamics controller with a disconnect feature to help improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. This is done by decoupling the front electric motor when AWD isn’t necessary. When extra traction is needed, it can reactive the front electric motor to help motivate the vehicle.

Efficiency gains are achieved via the use of silicon carbide within the inverter. A longitudinal torque vectoring function improves the vehicle’s safety margin by 10 percent. It controls each axle individually on all road conditions while reducing steering effort during spirited driving.

Magna’s EtelligentReach system has been optimized for use on compact to full-size vehicles. The drive system will also offer multiple driving modes to enhance the overall experience. There also appears to be a boost mode that gives you increased output from the two electric motors for 30 seconds. Certain configurations also feature torque vectoring on the rear axle for improved driving dynamics. One combination features two electric motors with the front generation 170 kW and the rear making 150 kW for a combined output of 320 kW or 429 hp in boost mode.

“This is definitely a story where the sum is greater than the parts,” said Tom Rucker, President of Magna Powertrain. “The EtelligentReach reduces range anxiety and improves driving dynamics, providing automakers with a complete all-electric powertrain system with AWD that is exciting and efficient. We can create maximum efficiency by precisely orchestrating how every component works in concert to achieve the best possible performance.”

The EtelligentReach is the latest addition to Magna’s portfolio of electrified powertrains. Magna also offers EtelligentEco, a plug-in hybrid system that it claims reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 38 percent. It also offers a unique cloud connectivity feature. EtelligentForce is the third addition to Magna’s suite of electrified powertrains and it’s been optimized for use in trucks. The company says it gives automakers the ability to electrify their trucks while maintaining their utility and functionality.

Magna released a video of one of its Jaguar I-Pace prototypes road tripping through the Alps in Europe. It shows off what the powertrain can do in different conditions, especially its ability to regenerate all of the energy it used going up a mountain when going back down. Additionally, going up the mountains highlighted the powertrain’s added safety net in harsh weather conditions.

Magna will showcase the EtelligentReach electric powertrain at the 2022 CES Show in Las Vegas. Alongside it will be its other electrified propulsion systems: the EtelligentEco plug-in hybrid system and the EtelligentForce system for trucks.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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