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Check out Magna’s active aero technology in action and see how it makes cars more efficient

Magna is an automotive parts supplier who is working on some future technology to make cars greener and more efficient. One of those technologies is active aerodynamics. Once restricted to high performance sports cars, the technology is becoming more and more mainstream.

One of those potential future applications is electric cars. While the Tesla Model 3 is a pretty slippery car in the wind tunnel, with a coefficient of drag of just 0.23, there is always room for improvement.

Active aero addresses those needs by adjusting the flow of air over the vehicle while the vehicle is moving. It allows for car designers a bit more freedom because the car can look one way sitting still, but then adjust when driving to be more aerodynamic. It can also increase or reduce lift at certain speeds, depending on the application.

With customers demanding crossovers and SUVs, automakers will need to be clever in how they make their vehicles aerodynamic. This is one of the ways that we might end up seeing more of.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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