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Karma Automotive produces the first Club Car Current light-duty commercial vehicle

The first fruits of Karma Automotive and AYRO, Inc.’s partnership have finally rolled out of production. Built at Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) in Moreno Valley, California, the first Club Car Current vehicles made under a contract between both companies are essentially light-duty battery-electric vehicles that fill the gap between a full-size truck and small utility carts. These vehicles will serve as low-speed logistics and cargo vehicles within campuses and urban areas.

Karma Automotive and AYRO’s ongoing business-to-business (B2B) cooperation will use the Moreno Valley facility to provide manufacturing, engineering, design, and other services to mobility space customers. It blends AYRO’s end-user, market intelligence, and engineering expertise with Karma’s manufacturing and development experience to deliver light-duty electric delivery vehicles for businesses nationwide. The Club Car Current has been engineered to accommodate multiple bed options including a van box, pickup truck with sides, and a flatbed. It is also certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certification Program with the “cleanest” ratings for global warming and air quality of zero-emissions vehicles.

“Having the first of these vehicles roll off the line at our KICC facility is a great step forward in our relationship with AYRO and Club Car and will help us deliver on our Climate Pledge efforts to become net-zero by 2040,” said Dr. Lance Zhou, CEO of Karma Automotive. “We look forward to growing our B2B business and delivering clean energy vehicles for other customers in the future.”

Karma’s Moreno Valley facility is also strategically located near major supply routes and one of the largest EV markets. According to Mikael Elley, chief of staff at Karman Automotive, that makes them an attractive partner, especially when their capabilities, quick turnaround times, and ability to work with a broad customer base are considered.

“Karma is helping us meet strong demand from our fleet customers in delivering the initial run of vehicles from their Moreno Valley facility despite supply chain hurdles impacting production for the rest of the industry,” said Rod Keller, CEO of AYRO.  “These purpose-built electric vehicles are fully customizable, affordable, and available now, delivering on our brand promise to provide real-world solutions that meet the needs of businesses of all types.” Keller also praised Karma Automotive’s ability to meet tight deadlines and exceeding AYRO’s high quality standards.

The 2022 Club Car Current uses a 13.4-hp electric motor powering the rear wheels and is backed by an 8.64-kWh battery. It is certified for speeds of up to 35 mph on city streets by the U.S. Department of Transport and has a curb weight ranging from 2,039 to 2,200 pounds depending on the type of bed you choose. The maximum payload capacity is 850 pounds depending on the configuration and the van box option has a maximum volume of 123 square feet. Prices start at $23,749. On a single charge, the Club Car Current can travel up to 57 miles. Recharging using a 110-volt outlet takes six to eight hours. Standard features include a rearview camera projected onto a 7.0-inch display inside the cabin. Available options include a hydraulic tailgate, a ladder rack, an airflow kit, and brush guards for the front and rear.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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