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Hummer EV 3X reservation holders can customize this summer, price increasing for future reservations

The Hummer EV is a big, bold, in your face electric pickup truck. It’s also no cheap. But for those fortunate enough to get their hands on one, it’s an experience they likely won’t soon forget.

Edition 1 models sold out pretty quickly, but next in line to start getting their trucks will be those who put a reservation in for the 3X model. This is a slightly more tame 3 motor setup, but can be configured with the 24-module battery pack which mimics the performance of the Edition 1, including a 3.0-second claimed run to 60 mph with WTF mode.

Additionally, reservation holders will be able to equip their 3X truck with the Extreme Off-Road Package, which is where the Hummer EV truly shines.

For those who already have a reservation in for the 3X version, they’ll be able to start configuring their trucks later this summer. This includes choosing colors, adding option packages, and more. This isn’t the official order submitting process, but helps lay the groundwork for a quick and easy transition to an order when the banks open.

Now for some bad news. All GMC Hummer EV and EV SUV reservation holders who have reservations in now, or get them in before the end of day on the 17th, will see no increase in MSRP for their vehicles. Reservations placed on new Hummer EV models on or after the 18th will see a price increase of $6,250 in base MSRP.

General Motors is citing increased commodity parts, technology, and logistics for the reason for the increase. As always, the final price you pay is based on the price you negotiate with your dealership, and we also recommend committing to a sale price in writing as soon as you can.

It’s no surprise that Hummer EV is going to have a price increase. The ongoing chip shortage and limited availability of batteries is driving up the cost of producing an EV across the board. Recently, Ford stated that increased commodity pricing has cut all of its profit out of the Mustang Mach-E.

Our first taste of the Hummer EV was solid, and it delivers on the promise of being a badass off road toy. If you’re planning on reserving one, you might as well do it while you can.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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