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Ford teases new, all-electric F-150 during news conference

Ford is investing $700 million in upgrading the Rouge assembly plant in Michigan to accommodate production of the hybrid and BEV F-150. What we don’t know is what the truck will look like.

Tesla made waves by making the Cybertruck look … different. Offerings from Rivian and GMC should look like more conventional trucks, but perhaps nothing will look as conventional as the F-150 electric.

During the presentation announcing the investment live in Michigan, a quick teaser of the front grille of the F-150 EV popped up on the screen.

Despite a Tron-like look with the LED light bar all the way across the truck, the rest of the vehicle looks like a rather conventional F-150.

Ford has made it clear that the electric F-150 won’t be exclusively for premium buyers who are looking for a trophy, but rather a truck that can be used by people who need their truck for work.

Ford claims that the F-150 will be able to power a job site or a house if the power goes out. It’ll have the towing and payload customers expect from a work truck. Sure, it’ll be fast. As we reported earlier it’ll be thee quickest-accelerating F-150 ever, but if we read the Ford messaging properly, the company expects people to work with it.

That means, hopefully, that the electric truck will be available in nearly all the trim levels, and not just on the Platinum, Limited, and King Ranch.

What do you think of this teaser? Does it look much different from a current F-150 or Super Duty to you? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Chad Kirchner
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