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Dodge will show electric muscle car concept, new plug-in hybrid in 2022: Report

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Earlier this year Stellantis outlined its electrification plans as part of the EV Day presentation and several brands play a key role in their respective regions. In the U.S., Dodge will be an important piece of the puzzle as the brand will focus on enthusiasts with their electrified vehicles. Speaking with Motor Authority, Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Dodge laid out the rollout plans for its electrified vehicles and there’s a lot to get excited about.

Next year will be a big one for Dodge as the brand will reveal an all-electric concept car previewing its first battery-electric muscle car. According to Kuniskis, the prototype will be a working vehicle capable of high-performance driving. Together with the concept, Stellantis will show its specifications plus all the technologies used in it that the company is patenting. Kuniskis also told Motor Authority that he is waiting for his patents to be done before showing how Dodge will execute its electrification plans.

In addition to the all-electric concept car, 2022 will also be the year that Dodge adds a plug-in hybrid vehicle to its lineup. Kuniskis noted that this isn’t a variant of an existing model; instead, it’s an all-new model. There’s not much known regarding this new PHEV other than it’s likely another crossover. We’re suspecting it’s the replacement for the Journey, which could mean it may be FWD-based instead of RWD-based like the Charger, Challenger, and Durango. A third big reveal was also hinted at by Kuniskis but he didn’t go into more details regarding what it is. “You’re going to be excited about it,” he told Motor Authority.

Dodge’s product offensive culminates in 2024 when it will reveal the production version of its first all-electric muscle car. We got a glimpse of it at Stellantis’ EV Day in a teaser doing a four-wheel burnout. The video also shows off some of its retro-inspired exterior design, which takes cues from old Chargers and Challengers while adding modern touches like full LED lighting spanning the whole front and rear fascia of the vehicle.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares gave the company’s 14 brands a 10-year time frame to prove their worth. Dodge’s enthusiast-focused approach is mainly the product of Kuniskis’ efforts beginning with vehicles like the Hellcat family, which is getting discontinued in 2023. It intends to continue with this approach as it electrifies its lineup with new vehicles like the upcoming plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles.

As part of its electrification plans. Stellantis will introduce four new platforms developed specifically for battery-electric applications. Dodge will likely use the STLA Medium and STLA Large architectures for its upcoming EVs. The former is good for up to 440 miles while vehicles on the latter can do up to 500 miles per charge. Batteries will also be tailored specifically for the vehicle they’re going to be used in. This will include a high-density pack and another that doesn’t use nickel and cobalt.

Alongside Dodge, Jeep and Ram will play a key role in Stellantis’ electrification plans in the U.S. Both brands are releasing their first battery-electric vehicle in 2024, the same year that Dodge is introducing its all-electric muscle car. Jeep currently sells one plug-in hybrid, the Wrangler 4xe, and will add a second one next year when the Grand Cherokee 4xe joins the lineup.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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