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Alfa Romeo will move to a new platform: Report

Alfa Romeo appears to be undergoing another evolution as electrification becomes the norm. A report from Automotive News Europe reveals that the brand is dropping its much-touted Giorgio platform in a favor of a new electrification-enabled architecture. Incoming CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato revealed that Alfa will move to the new STLA large platform during a round table with Italian media.

Imparato also revealed that all future Alfa Romeo models will be either all-electric or a plug-in hybrid. “If you are not electrified, you are dead,” he told Italian media during the same round table. The change in plans leads to the delay of the next two Alfa Romeo models, the long-awaited Tonale, and a smaller crossover rumored to be called Brennero. Imparato also confirmed the Tonale being delayed by 12 weeks with the crossover now starting production in March 2022 before while the launch will officially be in June 2022. The crossover slotting below the Tonale, which will be built in Poland, will now arrive in April 2023 due to a three-month delay.

Stellantis will reveal the new product route map for the Alfa Romeo brand before the end of 2021. In addition to going to electrified vehicles only, the Giorgio platform underpinning its current models, the Giulia and Stelvio, will be phased out. Currently, the only other vehicles to use that platform outside of Alfa Romeo are the upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee L and its five-seat counterpart, and Maserati Grecale.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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