Pros and cons: Should you purchase the white interior for your new Tesla?

Billed as a premium option, Tesla offers a white interior in the Model S, X, 3 and Y. It is a $1,000 option for 3 and Y shoppers, and $1,500 extra for S and X models, which also offer a cream interior for the same upcharge.

Casual observation shows that few buyers opt for the stark white interior, but this EV Pulse staffer took the plunge when buying a new Model 3. With nearly a year of ownership, what’s it like to live with the snowy interior?


  • Simply put, they look great. White brightens the interior, while providing a calming and airy feeling.
  • Dirt and crumbs are easy to spot on a white surface, which means you’ll spot even the smallest foreign material and be able wipe it away quickly.
  • It is a conversation starter and a little something extra from an automaker that doesn’t offer much in terms of factory customization.
  • No scalding-hot seats on hot days. While Tesla’s glass roof panel does a great job at keeping the interior of it is cars cool, a white interior doesn’t hurt either — your short shorts-wearing passengers will thank you.
  • Stains can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water, which we’ve found to be mostly true. Mostly.


  • As mentioned above, “nearly” every stain is easily removed with wipes or mild soap and a cloth. One instance is the rear seats where the seat belts rub on the top of the seats has slowly darkened over 10 months of ownership. Consistent on both left and right seat backs, the dark-grey stain isn’t easily removed with the simple cleaning tips mentioned above.
  • A white interior shows literally every hair, crumb and water (coffee) spot. And until you have a chance to clean the seats, the debris may be a nagging nuisance.
  • While Tesla touts the durability and easy-to-clean material, the jury is still out on how it’ll wear over several years of ownership.
  • The option is steeply priced. For $1,000 we’d hope for a little more than a simple color swap.


Everything said, our white-interior Model 3 owner wouldn’t repeat the order if given the opportunity. The color just shows too much dirt for our taste and isn’t worth the $1,000 upcharge.

If you do decide the white interior is right for you, make sure you check out our lists for the best car vacuums and best interior cleaners so you can keep it looking bright white.

What are your thoughts, would you opt for a white interior in your Tesla?

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Updated (1:23 p.m. EST, 12/16/2022): Added links to our best car vacuums and best interior cleaners posts, essential items if you decide to get a white interior for your Tesla.

Written by Samanthan Rutherford

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